18901120 Wilson

Spadina Crescent

20 Nov 1890

Dear Sir

Will you ask the V.P. of the Society & Mr. Miller at whose house we were at the other night, and any one else you may think would be useful to come to my house some night soon — as soon as you please, when the night is likely to be good for star gazing — and to come himself of course — for the purpose of trying and testing my telescope.

And be good enough if the gentlemen are able to come to let me by 4 PM of the day + hour they will come, and I shall be very glad to see you all.

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18900807 Tetans


Bothkamp, Holstein 1890 August 7.

Dear Gentlemen.

According to your wishes I send you herewith some copies of the negative I took of Jupiter 1889 August 7 after it had been occulted by the Moon.

As you may have seen out of the report A. N. 2928 the photograph has been made but some time after the reappearance, so that Jupiter's image is near the edge of the plate.

The details are naturally still more indistinctly to be seen on the copies than on the negative.

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18900607 USNO

U. S. Naval Observatory

IN REPLY REFER TO NO. 4:221       WASHINGTON, 1890 Jun 7

To the Secretary of the
Astronom. and Physical Soc. of Toronto
        Dear Sir:- In response to your request
in a recent letter to Prof Frisby, I have the honor to inform you that the following
publications of this Observatory were yesterday sent you through the
Smithsonian Institution, wrapped in 12 packages.

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18900605 USNO


US Naval Observatory
June 5, 1890

My dear Sir
      I have the honor to inform that your Society has been put on our list for future publications, you will also receive in due time all the publications we have on hand including Volumes 1851-2, 63, 64, 68, 73, 73, 75—83 (15 Volumes).

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1890 Brashear



Allegheny, Pa. ......................1890.

Objectives made from the same glass.

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1890 Pursey


To the President and executive:

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18900623 Kirkwood

The following is a transcript of Daniel Kirkwood's acceptance letter.

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