Members of Note

Honorary President

Dr. Douglas P. Hube (2018-2022)

Dr. Hube joined the RASC as a student in 1960 and has been active member ever since. He has served as President of the Edmonton Centre and was Society President from 1994 to 1996. He won the RASC Service Award in 1982.

He grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario, and studied astronomy at the University of Toronto, where he met his wife Joan.

Since joining the faculty at the University of Alberta in 1969, Dr. Hube has mentored generations of astronomy students and RASC members, including the undersigned. He also has a strong record as a researcher, administrator and promoter of astronomy. He has written many articles in RASC publications and scientific journals. Doug and Joan Hube continue to take active part in RASC activities, including the recent GA in Calgary.

Honorary Members

For more than a century The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada has recognized the work of outstanding astronomers by appointing them as Honorary Members of the Society. By their acceptance of these appointments these distinguished individuals honour the Society more than we can honour them. There may be no more than 15 Honorary Members, and the appointments are for life. Honorary Members receive Society publications, but cannot vote or hold office. The Society hopes that its Honorary Members can occasionally attend meetings of the Society and contribute to the Journal. Indeed many of them have done so.

Members of the Order of Canada

The Order of Canada was established in Canada's Centennial Year, 1967, and is the centrepiece of Canada's system of honours and recognizes excellence and achievement in all sectors of Canadian Society. There are three levels as follows:

  • Companion (Post-nominal: C.C.)—Recognizes: a lifetime of outstanding achievement and merit of the highest degree, especially in service to Canada or to humanity at large
  • Officer (Post-nominal: O.C.)—Recognizes: a lifetime of achievement and merit of a high degree, especially in service to Canada or to humanity at large
  • Member (Post-nominal: C.M.)—Recognizes: a lifetime of distinguished service in or to a particular community, group or field of activity

Members of the Society who are appointed to the Order of Canada for their contributions to astronomy bring honour to the Society and all of our members across the country.

Asteroids named after RASC members of note

Many RASC members have asteroids named after them. A definitive list is here.


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