The RASC awards a number of honours each year to promote and advance astronomy in Canada. Explore the awards, their requirements, and the recipients here.

Board of Directors

How the Board is defined, a list of current Directors, and how to contact the Board.


Our committees help with governance and program delivery. Information on their composition and mandate is all here.

Members of Note

Many RASC members have made significant contributions to astronomy. Find out more about our distinguished members here.

About Us

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) began as the Toronto Astronomical Club on December 1, 1868. The eight men who gathered to share their interest were not professional astronomers, just working-class citizens with a passion for astronomy.

One hundred and fifty years later, the RASC continues to serve Canadians with a passion for astronomy. With more than five thousand members and twenty-eight centres across the country, the organization supports men, women and youth in their quest to learn more about the universe.

The RASC invites you to observe the night sky with us. You may wish to attend a Star Party, visit a Dark Sky Preserve, learn about astrophotography, search for comets or prepare for the next eclipse. RASC centres host free astronomy activities for the public and volunteers willingly share their experience and knowledge with others, especially newcomers.

Join as a member to receive additional benefits, including our Observer's Handbook, Journal, and invitations to events. The RASC wants everyone to enjoy astronomy – please contact us to find out what’s offered in your community!



Randall Rosenfeld (archivist), Randy Attwood (executive director), Jenna Hinds (youth outreach coordinator), and Julia (past office manager).


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