Since 1890, the RASC has published noted astronomical periodicals, references, and other materials of interest to astronomers:

Journal of the RASC

JRASC cover thumbnailThe Journal is the bi-monthly magazine of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. It welcomes articles on Canadian astronomers and current activities of the RASC and its Centres, research and review papers by professional and amateur astronomers, and articles of a historical, biographical, or educational nature of general interest to the astronomical community. Now in its 108th year of publication!

Observer's Handbook

Handbook cover thumbnailPublished continuously since 1907, the RASC Observer's Handbook is a unique annual compendium of astronomical information and highlights for the coming year. Rigorously researched and developed for advanced amateurs and professionals, the Handbook is a must-have resource. See the Cloudy Nights review from Tom Trusock. Order online here or go to the Handbook page to download the order forms (for mail). Note: most earlier editions are available - contact the National Office.

Observer's Calendar

Observer's Calendar thumbnail

The award-winning RASC Observer's Calendar features 12 spectacular astro-images taken by amateur astronomers, along with unequalled astronomical information, including lunar phases and librations, sunrise and sunset times, astronomical events such as meteor showers, occultations, and much, much more! Makes an outstanding gift. Order online here or go to the Calendar page to download the order forms (for mail).


Skyways cover thumbnailSkyways--and the French version, Explorons l'astronomie--the RASC's Astronomy Handbook for Teachers was written specifically for Canadian educators and meets the astronomy learning outcomes outlined in the Common Framework of Science Learning Outcomes (the "Pan-Canadian Protocol"). The book contains instructions for hands-on activities on a wide-range of topics including Seasons, Stars, and the Solar System. Go here to download the order forms (for mail). Buy now at the RASC eStore.

Explore the Universe Guide

If you are just starting out in astronomy, the ETU Guide is for you. This illustrated book answers questions about astronomical coordinates, constellations, eclipses, the Moon, major and minor planets, comets and more. It's the perfect guide to start learning your way around the sky!

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Building A Small Observatory

This book is the result of interviews with 140 small observatory owners in 10 countries to discover what it takes to fund, build, and operate a small observatory. As a planning guide, it will help you maximize your chances of successfully creating a trouble-free installation, and help find the best site and equipment. Learn from the experience of those who went before you. Don't make the mistakes that others have made!

The Bulletin

Bulletin logoThe Bulletin is a monthly e-newsletter that is sent to all members of the Society with a valid e-mail address on file as a benefit of membership.

National Newsletter

NNL cover thumbnailThe National Newsletter is a forum for all members of the RASC to contribute newsworthy items. It is published as an insert in Skynews magazine.

Our Printed History

RASC Publications The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada has been involved with the sharing of astronomical information with our members and the public throughout its history. Not every publication produced by the Society is still in print however but, through the magic of digital technology, these publications can find new audiences today. More...

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