18920106 Espin

The 1893 edition of Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes
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Tow law



1892 Jan 6th.

My dear sir,

      I have received from time to time and read with great interest the accounts of the meetings of your Society.—

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18911125 Burnham


University of California

Mount Hamilton, Nov 25 1891

Dear Sir

      I beg to acknowledge your favor of the 9th inst. informing me of my election as Corresponding member of your society.

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18911112 Kirkwood

Riverside, Calif. Nov. 12, 1891.

      G. E. Lumsden, Cor. Sec.
Astro. & Phys. Soc. of Toronto:

      My dear Sir,—

            Absence from home prevented my sooner answering your kind letter of Oct. 11th. I have just returned, and it will be impossible now to prepare a paper for publication as you kindly suggest.

      With many thanks for your kindness,
      I remain
            Yours faithfully

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18911127 L.D. Proctor

29 Phoebe St. ???

Nov. 27th 1891

Dear Mr. Lumsden.

Your note of the 25th just received as I have been out of the city. I lectured at Peterboro ??? - day evening and had the largest and most enthusiastic audience I have had in Canada.

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18911114 L.D. Proctor

Galt, Ont.

Nov. 14/91

Dear Sir.

It will give me much pleasure to show the two pictures of Jupiter, with what is apparently a shadow of the great red spot, on Monday evening.

I return from here Monday morning. I shall be at the Queens again. It is very kind of you to send for me and I shall be ready by quarter past seven -- or half past if that is time enough -- I will bring the slides with me. I have only a few instructions to give to the lanternist.

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18911104 L.D. Proctor

Queens Hotel, ???.

Nov. 4th 1891

G.E. Lumsden Esq

Dear Sir.

The thought has just occurred to me that I might possibly do a little good for your "Opera Glass Soc." by mentioning it in my lecture Friday afternoon. If you would like me to do this, will you please tell me a little about the Soc. and please tell me what details you can see on Jupiter & Saturn with an opera glass. I really have forgotten--I think this might be of interest to the young people.

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18911203 Huggins

90, UPPER TULSE HILL.S.W., London.

3 Dec. 1891

G.E. Lumsden Esq.
Corresponding Secretary

Dear Sir,

        May I ask you to convey to the Astronomical + Physical Society of Toronto my high appreciation of the honour they have conferred upon me in electing me an Honorary Member, and the assurance of the pleasure which it gives me to be associated with a Society which, I am sure, has a great future before it, and will undoubtedly contribute much to the study of Astronomy in Canada.

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1980s Letter Lang

The exact year of this latter is unknown.


ROBERT LANG, Chronicler

832 Roxborough Avenue
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
L8H 1T3

TELEPHONE 416-547-5301



Mr R P Broughton,
Secretary, R A S C
136 Dupont Street
Toronto Ontario MSR 1V2

Mr Broughton, Sir:

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19000620 Letter Wallace

A letter from Alfred Russell Wallace to J.R. Collins on 1903 June 20.

Broudstone, Dorset.
June 20, 1903

J.R. Collins Esq.

Dear Sir

Many thanks for your very interesting letter + the paper + photos of the Nova Persei Neb.

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1890s Letter Kirkwood

To the Astr. + Phys. Soc. of Toronto.

My Friends:

Please accpt a late No. of the Astron. + Astro-Phys. for Nov., containing a paper of my own. I have frequent communications from Kind friends in Toronto, but poor health—paralysis—compels me to neglect correspondents.

I have the honor to remain your obdt. servt.

Daniel Kirkwood.

(The exact year of this document is not known, but could probably be determined by finding the paper referenced.)

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