18920426 J.H. Kedzie

Office of J. H. Kedzie,
No. 6 Kedzie's Bulding.
Nos. 120 & 122 Randolph Street

Chicago, Ill. Ap 26 1892

G.E. Lumsden Esq.

Sec. of A. & P. S. of Toronto

Dear Sir

Many thanks for a copy of the very interesting Transactings of your learned Society. They certainly show marked ability & great industry in lines of original investigation.

Yours very truly

J. H. Kedzie

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18920821 Swift


Aug. 21 '92

Dear Sir

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1892 Wilson Donation #3


Allow me to thank the Astronomical Society for the proposed honour of electing me to be one of its Life Members. Such a nomination will be most gratifying to me, and I heartily thank your kind consideration expressed in this way.

I remain Gentlemen

Most Sincerely Yours

Emma Wilson

June 15th.

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1892 Wilson Donation #2

Moved by Mr. Elvins, and seconded by Mr. Harvey and Resolved that this Society gratefully accepts the donation made to the Society by Lady Wilson of the astronomical telescope and the celestial globe of the late Sir Adam Wilson, a donation valuable, not only as a prized memento of an esteemed friend and active member, but intrinsically and as a nucleus around which the Society trusts the accessories of a popular observatory will be gathered in due time.

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1890s Wilson Donation

To the members of the Astronomical Society


It will afford me much pleasure if you will accept the telescope and celestial globe of the late Sir Adam Wilson as it was his express wish that it should be offered to this astronomical society in which he took so much interest.

I remain Gentlemen
Very Sincerely Yours

E. Wilson

Spadina Crescent
May 4th.

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1890s Hale

Note: the first page of this letter is missing.

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18920412 Espin

Tow law



1892 April 12th

I have to acknowledge with thanks your contribution to the library of the Observatory entitled

"Transactions of the Astron. & Physical society of Toronto."

T. E. Espin

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18920331 Moller

Bothkamp (Holstein), 31. Marz 1892.

Transactions of the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto for the year 1891

— ein Werk, welches Sie die Güte hatten, der hiesigen Sternwarte zu dedicieren — ist in die Bibliothek derselben eingereiht worden.

Mit ergebenstem Danke

J. Moller

Astronom der Sternwarte
des Kammerherrn von Bülow zu


die Astronomical and physical
Society of Toronto

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18920317 Kirkwood

268 Arlington Ave., Riverside, California
March 17, 1892

G. E. Lumsden Esq.:
Cor. Sec. A. &. P. Soc.

Toronto, Canada

Dear Sir,—

Please accept my hearty thanks for "Transactions of the Astr. and Physical Society of Toronto;"—a very interesting and valuable volume, just received.

I remain

Yours, faithfully

Daniel Kirkwood.

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18920215 Espin

The 1893 edition of Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes
is available as a free download from Volume 1 | Volume 2.

Tow law



Feb. 15. 1892

My dear sir,

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