U. S. Naval Observatory

IN REPLY REFER TO NO. 4:221       WASHINGTON, 1890 Jun 7

To the Secretary of the
Astronom. and Physical Soc. of Toronto
        Dear Sir:- In response to your request
in a recent letter to Prof Frisby, I have the honor to inform you that the following
publications of this Observatory were yesterday sent you through the
Smithsonian Institution, wrapped in 12 packages.

Ann. Vols.- 1851-2,63,64,68,72, 7S, and 75-83. [16 vols in all]
Appendices.- 69:2, 70:1, 70:2, 70:3, 70:4, 74:2, 76:2, 76:3, 77:2, 77: 3, 77:6, 79:1,80:1,
82:2,82:3,83:2, and 84:1. [17 App's in all]

This is the most complete set of our publications that can now be supplied.
I trust that you will favor this Observatory with whatever publications your
society may issue.

      Very truly yours
            H.M. Paul