18960123 Downing

Nautical Almanac Office,

3, Verulam Buildings,

Gray's Inn, W.C.

23 January 1896

Dear Sir,

In reply to your letter of 13th inst. I beg to say that I am sending you Nautical Almanacs 1896-99 inclusive, and have put the Society on our Distribution List for future issues.

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18950406 USNO


Ap 6/95

Dear Mr. Lumsden,

      My return to the city after a protracted absence I find the bound volume of the Proceedings of your society. I need scarcely say how highly I prize the possession of this book and of what great interest it has been to see all that you have done for the sciences.

Please accept my cordial thanks.

Very truly

A.G. Winterhalter

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18910611 USNO


Naval Observatory,
Washington, June 11, 1891.

Mr. G.E. Lumsden,
    Corresponding Secretary of the Astronomical and
      Physical Society, Toronto, Canada.


    Your letter dated June 3, 1891, and erroneously addressed to Professor S. Newcomb—who is the Superintendent of the Nautical Almanac Office—has been forwarded by that officer to my address.

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18910603 USNO

U.S. Naval Observatory
Washington, D.C.

June 3rd 1891

Dear Sir

        Please accept my sincere thanks for the copy of the 1st Annual Report of the Astronomical + Physical Society of Toronto received to-day.

Very respectfully
        Edgar Frisby

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18900607 USNO

U. S. Naval Observatory

IN REPLY REFER TO NO. 4:221       WASHINGTON, 1890 Jun 7

To the Secretary of the
Astronom. and Physical Soc. of Toronto
        Dear Sir:- In response to your request
in a recent letter to Prof Frisby, I have the honor to inform you that the following
publications of this Observatory were yesterday sent you through the
Smithsonian Institution, wrapped in 12 packages.

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18900605 USNO


US Naval Observatory
June 5, 1890

My dear Sir
      I have the honor to inform that your Society has been put on our list for future publications, you will also receive in due time all the publications we have on hand including Volumes 1851-2, 63, 64, 68, 73, 73, 75—83 (15 Volumes).

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