Spadina Crescent

20 Nov 1890

Dear Sir

Will you ask the V.P. of the Society & Mr. Miller at whose house we were at the other night, and any one else you may think would be useful to come to my house some night soon — as soon as you please, when the night is likely to be good for star gazing — and to come himself of course — for the purpose of trying and testing my telescope.

And be good enough if the gentlemen are able to come to let me by 4 PM of the day + hour they will come, and I shall be very glad to see you all.

After that shall be glad to have a meeting of the Society at my place if the numbers can enable it convenient.

I did not receive any notice of the meeting last held — but it made no difference, as I was laid up then with a cold.

                          Yours truly

—Howell Esq.     | Adam Wilson
 218 Bleeker St. |