JRASC 1998 December

Inside This Issue

  • Cold Weather Observing
  • Starfest 1998
  • Impact Cratering
  • CASCA Abstracts
  • Image Stabilized Binoculars
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JRASC 1998 October

Inside This Issue

  • Eclipse Stamps
  • Searching for Planets
  • Nearby Stars
  • Astronomy Day
  • Observing Galaxies
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JRASC 1998 August

Inside This Issue

  • Images from Victoria General Assembly
  • Observations of Mars
  • Astrophotography in the Digital Age
  • Noctilucent Clouds
  • Breaking Up Asteroids
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JRASC 1998 June

Inside This Issue

  • Caribbean Eclipse
  • Beginning of the DRAO
  • Neutron Star Spins
  • Les naines blanches de type DB
  • He Spectrum Variables
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JRASC 1998 April

Inside This Issue

  • A Lifetime of Stargazing
  • Poetry About the Planets
  • Cosmic Magnetism
  • Young Fuzzy Galaxies
  • Capturing the Heart of Virgo
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JRASC 1998 February

Inside This Issue

  • New Saskatoon Centre Observatory
  • Has Digital Imaging Gone Too Far?
  • Robert Burnham Jr.
  • 1997 CASCA Meeting Abstracts
  • Astrophysics at the University of Alberta
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