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The Society

Founded in 1868, The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada is Canada's leading astronomy organization bringing together over 4,500 enthusiastic amateurs, educators and professionals. In addition to many national services, our 29 Centres offer local programs across Canada.



To inspire curiosity in all people about the Universe, to share scientific knowledge, and to foster collaboration in astronomical pursuits.


The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) encourages improved understanding of astronomy for all people, through education, outreach, research, publication, enjoyment, partnership, and community.


The RASC has a proud heritage of excellence and integrity in its programs and partnerships. As a vital part of Canada's science community, we support discovery through the scientific method. We inspire and encourage people of all ages to learn about, and enjoy, astronomy.


  • to stimulate interest and to promote and increase knowledge in astronomy and related sciences;
  • to acquire and maintain equipment, libraries and other property necessary for the pursuit of its aims;
  • to publish journals, books and other material containing information on the progress of astronomy and the work of the Society;
  • to receive and administer gifts, donations and bequests from members of the Society and others;
  • to make contributions and render assistance to individuals and institutions engaged in the study and advancement of astronomy.


2013 RASC  Annual Report  - Available Now