Our Printed History

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada has been involved with the sharing of astronomical information with our members and the public throughout its history. Not every publication produced by the Society is still in print however but, through the magic of digital technology, these publications can find new audiences today.

Early Society Publications


Before the RASC was the RASC, our forerunner organizations published their astronomical observations and research. Our archival material from 1890-1905 (prior to the Journal) provides an interesting review of the early days of organized astronomy in Canada.

JRASC Offprints (1913-1979)

Reprints were a service to gather under single covers and make more widely available works the Society deemed worthy of wider circulation to the world-wide astronomical community, or of special interest to a significant number of RASC members.

Out of Old Books

A collection of the writings of Dr. Helen Sawyer Hogg in JRASC over the years.

nn1984-08t.jpg National Newsletter (1970-90)

Published with the Journal the National Newsletter evolved over its 20 years from a four-page insert to a standalone news magazine. Many issues features stories and reports of Society activities and events that are interesting to read even today.


Bulletin (1991-96)


Conceived as a successor to the National Newsletter, the Bulletin, under the editorship of Patrick Kelly, took on a new look and was published for five successive years until it was merged with the Journal as part of the redesign of the Journal in 1996. The legacy of the original Bulletin is continued in its electronic namesake which began publication in December 2006. For more information on the "other" Bulletin see here.

Looking Up


The definitive history of the RASC, published as a centenary project for the Society contains extensive information and material on the roots of the Society and its growth and development during its first history. Now out of print this publication is still available at libraries and other sources.

Observer's Handbook

oh-1979 thumbnail

A 360-page guide published annually since 1907 by The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Through its long tradition and the expertise of more than 50 contributors, the Observer's Handbook has come to be regarded as the standard North American reference for data on the sky. The material in the Handbook is of interest to professional and amateur astronomers, scientists, teachers at all levels, students, science writers, campers, Scout and Guide leaders, as well as interested general readers. The Observer's Handbook is an integral part of many astronomy courses at the secondary and university levels, and it should be on the reference shelf of every library.

With the Stars

An index of Dr. Helen Sawyer Hogg's Toronto Star Column from 1951-1981.

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