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The RASC supports a number of observing programs and initiatives designed to help members and others get the most out of their involvement with amateur astronomy. The RASC's Observing Certificate program provides you with a structured program that will allow you to explore the night sky and earn a certificate in the process. Observing sections allow members to find out more information about specialized observing topics. Finally, selected resources are provided to help you get the most out of your observing experience.

The RASC's Observing Programs are supported and managed by the RASC Observing Committee. Participation in this committee is welcome. To reach the committee you may e-mail the Observing Committee Chair.



Planets This Month

Observations to Note for September

The Moon: Begins in its first-quarter phase, right by Mars and Saturn, as the month opens; Full Moon on the 8th.

Mercury: Mercury and Spica in Virgo, The Maiden, are paired up on the 20th.

Venus: In the northeast before sunrise, rapidly dives to its superior conjunction.

Mars: Low in the western evening sky, coming into view, and then setting shortly after the Sun.

Jupiter: By the 19th, Jupiter and the thin crescent Moon brush by each other.

Saturn: Is in the west-southwest at sunset, closing in on superior conjunction with the Sun in November.

Uranus: Is occulted on the 10th in eastern Canada.

Neptune: Rises near 11p.m. and crosses the sky through the night ahead of Uranus.