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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of nine directors who are normally elected for three-year terms by members of the Society. The Board appoints from within its ranks five officers as follows:

  • President
  • 1st Vice-President (Chair, Publications Committee; Chair, Constitution Committee)
  • 2nd Vice-President (Chair Nominating Committee)
  • National Secretary
  • Treasurer (Chair, Finance Committee)

The Board also includes four Directors at large and the Executive Director of the Society (ex-officio).

National Executive 2014-2015
The 2014/2015 Board BR L-R  Dr. Chris Gainor, Randy Attwood, Craig Levine, Dr. Randy Boddam, Dr. Paul Schumacher, Robyn Foret. FR Dr. Karen Finstad, James Edgar, Colin Haig, Denis Grey.

Photo: Renata Koziol

The Board is the Society's management team, with input from the National Advisory Council.


  1. The Board shall consist of the elected Directors of the Society, who will appoint from their members the President, Vice-Presidents, National Secretary, and Treasurer.
  2. The Board shall transact the routine business of the Society and shall transact such business as requires immediate action.
  3. The Board shall appoint or dismiss, and shall fix the remuneration and benefits to be paid to, the employees of the Society.
  4. Meetings of the Board shall be called by the President, at the request of any member of the Board, or when the business of the Society requires such meeting. The President shall make every reasonable effort to ensure that every member of the Board is informed of the time, location, and purpose of each meeting of the Board, as far in advance of its occurrence as possible.
  5. All actions taken and decisions made by the Board shall be reported by the President at the next meeting of the National Advisory Council.

Contact Information

To reach the Board you may contact the President.

Board Members - Effective 2014 September 02

  • James Edgar (Regina), President
  • Colin Haig (Hamilton), 1st Vice-President
  • Dr. Chris Gainor (Victoria), 2nd Vice-President
  • Denis Grey (Toronto), Treasurer
  • Dr. Karen Finstad (Ottawa), National Secretary
  • Dr. Randy Boddam (Belleville), Director
  • Robyn Foret (Calgary), Director
  • Craig Levine (London), Director
  • Dr. Paul Schumacher (Victoria), Director
  • Randy Attwood (Mississauga), Executive Director