Wolf Cub Badge Requirements

Wolf Cub Badge Requirements

Ages 8 to 11

The Cub program includes a series of activity areas. Astronomy is part of the Black Star (natural world) activities: "Point out the North Star and three constellations" and also the Green Star (outdoor skills) activities: "Tell how the sun, moon and North Star can help you find directions" and also the Purple Star (Canada and the world) activities: "Make a presentation describing Canadian space technology and travel".

There are two astronomy-related badges:

ASTRONOMER BADGE (natural world)

  1. Teach another Cub how to use the pointer stars of the Big Dipper to find Polaris, the North Star.
  2. Show how to orient and read a seasonal star map. Be able to find five constellations of your choice.
  3. Learn and tell a story related to a constellation, or an aboriginal legend regarding the night sky.
  4. Know and describe three sky features
    • (a) Milky Way
    • (b) Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights
    • (c) Comets
    • (d) Meteors
    • (e) Planets
    • (f) Stars
    • (g) Satellites
    • (h) Eclipses
  5. Know the phases of the moon, and the moon's role in causing ocean tides.

SPACE EXPLORATION BADGE (Canada and the world)

Do any four of the following requirements:

  1. Discuss the importance of space technology in Canadian living. This could include:
    • (a) weather forecasts
    • (b) communications (c) search and rescue operations
    • (d) map making
    • (e) promoting international cooperation between Canada and other countries.
  2. Make a drawing or model of a satellite, such as Canada's first satellites
    Alouette I and II, ISIS or Hermes, or another satellite of your choice.
  3. Make a presentation about the Space Shuttle, including the Canadarm.
  4. Design and build a space station. Include living requirements. such as water, air and food supplies, power sources, communications, and describe what peaceful activities the space station can be used for.
  5. Draw or make a model of a rocket, or of a space craft of your own design. Tell about any special features you have included in your model.
  6. Draw or make a space suit currently in use, or one of your own design. Tell about any special features you have included in your model.
  7. Make a report on or a scrapbook about an astronaut, mission team, or space mission of your choice.


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