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RASC Centres

28 Local Centres  - Your local astronomy club

Part of your Community!

In addition to its national activities and mandate, the RASC is also a federation of 28 local astronomy clubs or Centres located in 28 communities or regions across Canada, bringing together RASC members to take part in local activities. Independent astronomy clubs that have been in existence for at least one year and have a minimum of 20 members may consider applying to become a Centre of the RASC.

Local Flair

Each local Centre offers its own astronomy programming and services. Examples include:

  • Regular meetings
  • Observatory or observing site use and development
  • Star parties
  • Astronomy education and outreach
  • Messier marathons, workshops, etc.

Each Centre maintains its own website where you can find out about the latest activities and programs available to members in that community. RASC members from across the country are encouraged to visit their sister Centres when they visit from out of town.

RASC Centres Through Time

Click on the Centres to see when they were established (you will have to zoom in to see them all), or click on the year links below the map to see the extent of the RASC in various decades.


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