JRASC 2008 October

Inside This Issue

  • The Plaskett Telescope at 90
  • Astronomical Art and Artifact: The View From the RASC Archives

Plus, all your favourite regular columns:

  • Pen and Pixel
  • Second Light
  • Deep-Sky Contemplations
  • Through My Eyepiece
  • Gizmos
  • Quick Picks for Observing

And a few extras:

  • Astrocryptic
  • Society News
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JRASC 2008 August

Inside This Issue

  • Period Changes for the d Scuti Star YZ Boo by Rachel Ward, Paul Delaney, Sarah Sadavoy, Aaron Maxwell, Senthuran Senthilnathan, and Sandy Hsu
  • RASC Dark-Sky Program by Robert Dick
  • Magnitude Changes in a Variable Star by Alaina Edwards
  • The Chris Graham Robotic Telescope by Craig Breckenridge
  • The CASTOR “Sputnik 50th Anniversary Satellite-Tracking Bonanza”: Project Overview and Preliminary Analysis by Michael A. Earl
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JRASC 2008 June

Inside This Issue

  • Creating a Relationship with the Sky — The Horizon Effect Project
  • “Look WAAAYYYY Up!” — Travels to Mauna Kea
  • Quick Picks for Observing
  • Visual Impressions of the Planet Mercury
  • Alligators, Officers, and Other Hazards
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JRASC 2008 April

Inside This Issue

  • Abstracts from the Planetary Science Research Symposium
  • Aboriginal Canadian Sky Lore of the Big Dipper
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JRASC 2008 February

Inside This Issue

  • Roy Bishop's short history of the Observer's Handbook
  • A brief, but interesting, write-up about the Dark-Sky Reserve at Mont-Mégantic, plus the 2007 September 19-21 Conference, by Robert Dick, Yvan Dutil, and Dan Taylor
  • An admirer's fond farewell to Gertrude Jean Southam by Dan Collier
  • Alister Ling describes his first double-star discovery, and
  • Rick Stankiewicz writes about spotting Ceres
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JRASC 2007 December

Inside This Issue

  • Orbits of Small Satellites in the Field of a Rectangular Slab
  • Did Philips Lansbergen Own the University of Toronto’s De revolutionibus by Nicolaus Copernicus?
  • A New Bruderheim Fragment
  • Mars: the 2007 Opposition
  • The Ultimate Travel Scope for Visual Observing
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JRASC 2007 October

Inside This Issue

  • Editorial by Jay Anderson
  • A scientific treatise from Jeremy Tatum,

"Calculation of the Atmospheric Trajectory of a Meteor from Photographic Observations"

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JRASC 2007 August

Inside This Issue

  • The Chassigny Meteorite and Fireball: a Forensic Study
  • Playing the Odds: Forecasting for Astronomy
  • A Spectacular Solar Eclipse Image
  • Raymond Koenig, Founding Member of Kitchener-Waterloo Centre
  • Sketching the Sky • Lynne’s Scope
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JRASC 2007 April

CONTENTS - table des matières


  • Editorial
    by Denis Grey
  • News Notes/En manchettes
    • Primordial Organic Matter in the Tagish Lake Meteorite
    • Cosmic Bubble Wins Prize
    • CITA Director Honoured
    • Tau Boo’s Magnetic Attraction
      by Martin Beech and Russ Sampson
  • Correspondence
  • The Lunar-X Files: A Fleeting Vision near the Crater Werner
    by David M.F. Chapman
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JRASC 2007 February

CONTENTS - table des matières


  • President's Corner by Scott Young
  • Editorial by Jay Anderson
  • News Notes/En manchettes
  • The Clock of the Long Now ­ A Reflection by Martin Beech
  • Reviews/Critiques
    • The Cosmic Century: A History of Astrophysics and Cosmology;
    • Solar System Observer's Guide


  • Assessing a MOP to Cleanly Sweep Astronomical Images
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