Sky Facts #15

Issue No. 15, Toronto, 1960-61

An INTRODUCTION to the wonders of astronomy, published by the ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY OF CANADA (TORONTO CENTRE) and distributed free to visitors at the Society's open-air meetings and Exhibition display; also at the Saturday public evenings at the David Dunlap Observatory.

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JRASC 2010 December

Inside This Issue

  • The Radial Velocity, Space Motion, and Galactic Orbit of GJ 754
  • À l'assaut des trous noirs, phénix de l'espace
  • Astronomy in Cuba
  • Beyond IYA in Saskatchewan
  • Drawing at the Eyepiece
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JRASC 2010 August

Inside This Issue

  • Shelburne Meteorite Revisited
  • Orbital Dynamics in the Gravitational Field
  • Atmospheric Heights by Twilight's Glow
  • Things That Go Bump in the Night
  • CASTOR Satellite Survey
  • Period Measurements of Variable Stars
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JRASC 2010 October

Inside This Issue

  • Mare Orientale Complex
  • Contribution of Street Lighting to Light Pollution
  • A Most Comfortable Eclipse
  • Hubble Space Telescope and Astrophotography
  • 2010 General Assembly Report
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JRASC 2010 June

Inside This Issue

  • Newton's Manuscripts
  • Extragalactic Spectra
  • Jupiter's Moons
  • Signs and Constellations of the Zodiac
  • Solar Observing Results
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JRASC 2010 April

Inside This Issue

  • Aztec Constellations
  • Retrospective on IYA2009 in Canada
  • Lunar Observing
  • Chasing Eclipses
  • Middleton Mountain Observatory
  • Walter A. Feibelman
  • The Very Long Baseline Array
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JRASC 2010 February

Inside This Issue

  • Features on Asteroid 25143 Itokawa
  • Pixellations IV
  • Outdoor-Lighting Regulation Workshop
  • A Handy Red Light Indeed
  • The One-Metre Initiative: An Update
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JRASC 2001 December

Inside This Issue

  • The Canada France Hawaii Telescope
  • GA 2002 — Call for Papers
  • The Dark Side of Light
  • Eclipse Temperature Measurements
  • Climate Change and Astronomy
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JRASC 2009 December

Inside This Issue

  • Measurement of Seeing Quality
  • Astronomy Abstracts
  • Aboriginal Sky Lore
  • Earliest and Latest Sunrise and Sunset
  • In Memoriam: Leo Enright
  • A Sturdy Mount for Small Telescopes
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JRASC 2009 October

Inside This Issue

  • The 1904 Shelburne (Ontario) L5 Chondrite fall, revisited Meteorite
  • Selenology and the Bomb
  • The Joys of Winter Stargazing
  • Twelve RASCals Remember the First Lunar Triumph
  • The Colours of the Stars
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