Revised Vision, Mission, and Values Statements

At the 2015 February 9 Board of Director's meeting, revised Vision, Mission, and Values statements were approved. They now read:

The RASC Vision To be Canada's premiere organization of amateur and professional astronomers, promoting Astronomy to all.

The RASC Mission To enhance understanding of and inspire curiosity about the Universe, through public outreach, education, and support for astronomical research.

The RASC Values

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Finest NGC Certificate - Ted Wang

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Wide-Field Astroimaging Certificate - Luca Vanzella

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Isabel Williamson Lunar Certificate - Norma Jensen

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The Sky This Month - July 2016

Summer Time Treats part 1

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Bulletin 2016 Jul

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AIC Wide-Field - Mervin W. Graf

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Annual Report 2015 - Extended

The extended version includes the following:

  • President’s Message
  • Executive Director's Report
  • Secretary’s Message
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Auditor’s Report
  • Balance Sheet/Statement of Changes in Net Assets
  • Statement of Revenue, Expenditure
  • Notes to the Financial Statements
  • Annual Meeting Minutes—2015
  • Centre Financial Reports for Fiscal 2015
  • 2015 Centre Activity Reports
  • 2015 Award Winners
  • 2016 Centre Addresses and Executives
  • 2016 National Council
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Asteroid (229781) Arthurmcdonald

Arthur B. McDonald (b. 1943) is a Canadian physicist who received the 2015 Nobel Prize for Physics for his discovery of neutrino oscillations, showing that the neutrino has mass.

Orbit type: Main Belt 
MPC 100610

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Asteroid (21367) Edwardpleva

Edward Gustav Pleva (1912–2008) was a geography educator who taught for 39 years at Western University and was editor of The Canadian Oxford School Atlas. Name suggested by R. and P. Jedicke.

Orbit type: Main Belt 
MPC 100606

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