Revised Vision, Mission, and Values Statements

At the 2015 February 9 Board of Director's meeting, revised Vision, Mission, and Values statements were approved. They now read:

The RASC Vision To be Canada's premiere organization of amateur and professional astronomers, promoting Astronomy to all.

The RASC Mission To enhance understanding of and inspire curiosity about the Universe, through public outreach, education, and support for astronomical research.

The RASC Values

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Deep-Sky Gems - Melody Hamilton

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All-Star Telescope

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Asteroid (40776) Yeungkwongyu

Canadian amateur astronomer William Kwong Yu Yeung (b. 1960), is one of the world’s most prolific amateur discoverers of asteroids. He has also found comets and J002E3, believed to be the Apollo 12 S-IVB stage.

Orbit Type: Main Belt

Ref: MPC 105279


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Explore the Universe Certificate - Vance Petriew

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Annual Report 2016

The Essential version includes the following:

President’s Message

Executive Director's Report
Secretary’s Message
Treasurer’s Report

Auditor’s Report

Balance Sheet/Statement of Changes in Net Assets
Statement of Revenue, Expenditure
Notes to the Financial Statements
Annual Meeting Minutes—2016
Centre Financial Reports for Fiscal 2016

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Messier Certificate - Pierre Schierle

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Bulletin 2017 Jun

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Candidate Statements 2017

Candidate Statements for the RASC Board of Directors are at

A short summary follows:
Each year the Term of three Directors of the Board ends, and this year Randy BoddamCharles Ennis, and Colin Haig see their three-year terms come to an end. All three Directors are eligible to stand for re-election, and both Charles Ennis and Colin Haig have elected to do so.

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Explore the Universe Certificate - Tony Schellinck

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