JRASC 2006 June


  • The Dresden (Ontario) H6 Chondrite, Part II: Classification, Estimated Fireball Trajectory, and Possible Origin
    by Phil J.A. McCausland, Peter G. Brown, and Graham C. Wilson
  • Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli
    by Michele T. Mazzucato
  • On Seeing D2
    by Martin Beech
  • My First Variable-Star Observation - A Series of Misadventures
    by Tim R. Crawford
  • The Big Zit
    by Michael Attas
  • The Woodstock College Observatory - II
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JRASC 2006 April

Inside This Issue

  • The Dresden (Ontario) H6 Chondrite
  • New Horizons: Mission to Pluto, Charon, and Beyond
  • Wilderness Stargazing
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JRASC 2006 February

Inside This Issue

  • The Mars Exploration Rover
  • Measuring the Heavens
  • Pumpkin Creek Observatory
  • The 14th Annual MIAC Meeting
  • The Lunar Volcanic Region in the South of Petavius
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JRASC 2005 December

Inside This Issue

  • Solar Reflections: How to Put Yourself in a Sunshine State
  • Ancient Spirits and Dark Skies
  • Jenn’s Supernova
  • Mars: Early Observations in 2005
  • Confessions of an Astronomer – The Morning Julia Winked at Me!
  • Ring of Fire at 25,000 Feet
  • When it Comes to Astronomy, Bigger is Better
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JRASC 2005 October

Inside This Issue

  • Calculation of Navigational and Astronomical Ephemerides
  • The Black-Drop Effect During the Transit of Venus
  • Tracking a Fireball
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JRASC 2005 August

Inside This Issue

  • A Lamplighter Moment: Foaming at the Rivermouth
  • On Ptolemy’s Equant, Kepler’s Second Law, and the Non-Existent “Empty-Focus” Cometarium
  • Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 2005 CASCA Annual Meeting
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JRASC 2005 June

Inside This Issue

  • The Star on Roman Coins
  • Planetary Photometry: The Lommel-Seeliger Law
  • Visual Star Colours from Instrumental Photometry
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JRASC 2005 April

Inside This Issue

  • Determining the Range of an Artificial Satellite
  • A Precise Measurement of a Leonid Meteor
  • A Young Astronomer
  • Astronomy of Ancient Egypt
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JRASC 2005 February

Inside This Issue

  • The Measure of the Earth
  • Canadian Thesis Absracts
  • Jordanian Astronomical Society Glimpses a Challenging Crescent
  • Meteor and Aurora Detection Using Modern Video Technologies
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JRASC 2004 December

Inside This Issue

  • RASC Membership Survey
  • Discovery of the Belly River Meteorite
  • Orbitus Astrologica: Astronomical Progress in Mediaeval Europe
  • Photometric and Polarimetric Measurements of the Saturn System
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