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My goal - to view as many Messier objects as I can

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I am a gentleman in my 50's who loves astronomy. I have done stargazing with a 6" Newtonian reflector Celestron over the past 10 years. Recently my dear wife bought me a wonderful Christmas present, a 12" Dobsonian Meade Lightbridge Telescope. I also just joined the RASC, Edmonton Centre. I have set myself a goal of viewing all the Messier objects that can be seen from the Edmonton, Alberta region.

I have 2 questions:

1. Does anyone with more experience have any pointers to help me meet my goal of viewing all the Messier objects that I can see from my location near Edmonton. I'm in no hurry, so am not trying to view them as fast as I can. Any tips such as, which ones to tackle first, order of viewing, how to record observations, best time of year to view, etc are welcome.

2. What eyepiece(s) are best to view these objects?

Thanks for your help.


Starguy (A.K.A. Dan MacIsaac)