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Grasslands National Park: DSP at Wood Mountain

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I found a new way to appreciate my home town through the eyes of astronomers this weekend. Also, I used the astronomers' telescopes, which is a great way to look from their perspective on the universe. Wood Mountain is the gateway to the East Block of the Grasslands National Park which is designated as a Dark Sky Preserve.

From the President's Desk - 2012 in Review

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The Executive and the Constitution Committees continue to be preoccupied by the Society’s governance issues and CNCA compliance. Under normal circumstances, the Constitution Committee has little to do, since Society and Centre By-Laws usually change only rarely. However, the last several years of sweeping modifications to the way we operate as demanded by the federal government via the CRA and now the CNCA, have meant that considerable time and effort have had to be put into our governance.

Planetary Lineup Over Toronto

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Click on the link to see the planets highlighted.Mercury, Venus and Saturn lined up over the CN Tower in Toronto this past week. Click on the image to see the three planets identified (L to R).

Pocket Sky Atlas Challenges for December

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Sky and Telescope's "Pocket Sky Atlas" is a wonderful resource for all amateur astronomers. These challenges are designed for spicing up your observing.

David Dunlap's 150th Birthday

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150 years ago today, October 13th 1862, was the birthdate of David Alexander Dunlap, who is memorialized in several locations around Toronto. Both Mr. Dunlap and his wife, Jessie Donalda Bell, were born in Pembroke, Ontario. Mr. Dunlap graduated as a lawyer from Osgoode Hall, and he practiced in Mattawa. His big break was when two of his colleagues, the Timmins brothers who ran the Mattawa general store, made a deal in 1903 with a man named LaRose for a mining opportunity in what later became the Town of Cobalt.

Halloween Thoughts

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With days shortening, nights lengthening, and Halloween growing near it is only natural that our thoughts should turn to the dead—and some of them were astronomers. (Insert blood-curdling scream here!)

Throughout history dead people have been interred in grounds sacred or not, either singly or in mass graves. Some had resting places in more formal tombs or crypts, perhaps even inside a church building. But did you know that a few “lucky” people are buried in observatories?

Solar Eclipses and Totality

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Totality, 1932 IN THE DISTANT PAST, the Moon was much closer to the Earth.

My Investigations of Impact Structures in North America...

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My Investigations of Impact Structures in North America (and maybe other areas)

Women in Astronomy Quiz

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I wrote this quiz for Sploofus, a trivia game website. If  you like, you can take the quiz here, but logging in is required to play games.

Ten questions, and the answers are at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!


Women in Astronomy  


My goal - to view as many Messier objects as I can

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I am a gentleman in my 50's who loves astronomy. I have done stargazing with a 6" Newtonian reflector Celestron over the past 10 years. Recently my dear wife bought me a wonderful Christmas present, a 12" Dobsonian Meade Lightbridge Telescope. I also just joined the RASC, Edmonton Centre. I have set myself a goal of viewing all the Messier objects that can be seen from the Edmonton, Alberta region.

I have 2 questions:

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