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Local Certification Centres

Some RASC Centres are Local Certification Centres for the Explore the Universe certificate directly through local observing committees. If your RASC Centre is in the list below, apply to the individual named there to request your Explore the Universe certificate and pin. Normally, the certificate and pin will be presented to the recipient at a meeting of the Centre.

RASC Centres who would like information about how to become a Local Certification Centre are invited to scroll down this page for an overview.

Note that the all other observing certificates are approved and issued by the RASC Observing Committee.

RASC Centre (East to West) Province Contact Person
St. John's Centre Newfoundland & Labrador Robert Babb
Halifax Centre Nova Scotia Melody Hamilton
New Brunswick Centre New Brunswick Emma MacPhee
Centre francophone de Montréal Québec Patrice Scattolin
Montreal Centre Québec David Shuman &
Paul Simard
Ottawa Centre Ontario Chris Teron
Kingston Centre Ontario Rick Wagner
Belleville Centre Ontario Randy Boddam
Toronto Centre Ontario -
Mississauga Centre Ontario Jo VandenDool
Hamilton Centre Ontario Andy Blanchard
Kitchener-Waterloo Centre Ontario Karol Socander
London Centre Ontario Dale Armstrong
Sarnia Centre Ontario Paul Dopson
Sudbury Ontario -
Winnipeg Centre Manitoba Dennis Lyons
Regina Centre Saskatchewan Vance Petriew &
Pierre Schierle
Saskatoon Centre Saskatchewan Darrell Chatfield
Calgary Centre Alberta Jack Milliken
Edmonton Centre Alberta Murray Paulson &
Bruce McCurdy
Prince George Centre British Columbia Malhar Kendurkar 
Okanagan Centre British Columbia Guy Mackie & 
Christine Janzen
Vancouver Centre British Columbia

Robert Conrad

Sunshine Coast Centre British Columbia Charles Ennis
Victoria Centre British Columbia Jim Stilburn
Yukon Centre Yukon Vikki Zsohar

Members of other Centres, National members, or non-members should email or mail their application to:

Attn: Observing Committee Chair
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

203-489 COLLEGE ST


use the online contact form

Do not send large email attachments. Ask us about our new Uploader Service.

Local Certification Centre Information

Any RASC Centre with an active observing group should consider becoming a Local Certification Centre: The Centre must identify a member who will review and approve applications for the Explore the Universe certificate (ideally, that member would be an active observer who promotes RASC observing programs and mentors beginning observers). Use the  online contact form to send the name to the RASC Observing Chair for inclusion in the above list.

Upon approving an application, the Centre contact will email the Society Office to request the printing and delivery of the certificate. Please provide the name of the recipient, the date of the presentation, the preferred language, and the name and address of the Centre contact. The Society Office will mail the certificate and pin to the Centre contact for award at a Centre meeting. Include the RASC Observing Chair (observing AT in the email request, so that the name can be immediately posted to the RASC website.