Minute Books 1800s

This section contains bitmap scans and transcriptions of the original hand-written pages of the early minute books of the Toronto group (it had several names as time went on) from 1868-99.

The Toronto Astronomical Society formed in 1868, but after a year or so of meetings became largely inactive, so there are no minutes from 1870-89.

The club's founding members in 1868 were:

Minute Book

  • Mungo Turnbull
  • Andrew Elvins
  • Daniel K. Winder
  • Jarvis Hughes
  • Samuel Clare
  • Robt. Ridgeway
  • Chas. Potter
  • G. Brunt

Minutes 1868-99

The APST minute book for each year from 1890-99 formed the basis for the annual Transactions volume that was subsequently published.

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