1869 Jan 5

Toronto Astronomical Society
Meeting Minutes - 1869 January 5

Regular Meeting Jan 5th 1869 at Mr. Elvins'

Present: Mr. Winder, President, in the chair, Messrs Elvins, Turnbull, Ridgway & Clare.

On motion the minutes of previous meeting were adopted.

The committee appointed to draft a code of Bye-Laws brought in the following report which on motion of Mr. Winder seconded by Mr. Brunt (per Mr. Elvins) was adopted.

  1. Admission to membership shall be by ballot. The person proposed for admission at our regular meeting may be appoitned at the next regular meeting. Two black balls shall be required for the rejection of any one regularly proposed. Entrance fee shall be determined by the club.
  2. That regular meeting shall be held on the First Tuesday in each month commencing at 8 p.m. and closing when practicable by 9:30 p.m. Adjourned or special meetings, however, may be appointed as often as may be deemed necessary by the Club, requisite for the transaction of extra or pressing business.
  3. The order of business shall be:-

    • 1st Reading the minutes of last meeting.
    • 2nd Reading Communications, letters, &c.
    • 3rd Proposal and election of persons proposed for membership.
    • 4th Reading extracts from publications, connected directly or collaterally with astronomical research and science.
    • 5th Reading original papers, accompanied by such illustration, oral or manual as may be deemed requisite.
    • 6th Examining instruments, suggesting experiments, viewing objects, &c.
    • 7 Incidental business
  4. In formal debate speakers will be restricted to five minutes.
  5. Members addressing the meeting will be expected, as a matter of courtesy, to stand while so engaged.
  6. If anything should arise not provided for by the previous by-laws it shall be decided by the club.

Mr. Turnbull read his paper entitled "A brief notice of the past and present state of optical science, viewed chiefly in its bearing on astronomical telescopes and celestial discovery." An interesting conversation on the subject of the paper followed.

Moved by Mr. Elvins, seconded by Mr. Ridgway "That the thanks of the meeting be given to Mr. Turnbull for his instructive paper and that he be regquested to allow the original manuscript to become the property of the club, as being the first paper read before the society. Carried.

Mr. Turnbull kindly consented, Mr. Ridgway offering to write out a copy for him.

Mr. Turnbull announced that by next meeting he hoped to have his Reflecting Telescope completed.

Mr. Elvins produced a drawing of the appearance of Mars as observed by him Dec 29th 1868.

Agreed that the next monthly meeting be held at the house of Mr. Winder.

Paper to be read at next meeting by Mr. Winder on The Spectrscope--its construction, and application to celestial chemistry."

On motion of Mr. Ridgway, seconded by Mr. Turnbull the meeting adjourned until the 2nd Feb 1869.

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