1869 Sep 6

Toronto Astronomical Society
Meeting Minutes - 1869 September 6

Regular Meeting Sep 6th 1869
At Mr. ridgway's

Present Messrs Winder, Turnbull, Ridgway and Elvins. The president in the chair.

Minutes of last meeting read & confirmed.

Report of Committee who observed the Eclipse of Aug 7th adopted.

Mr. Ridgway read a paper on the velocity of light, which was followed by a conversation in which all took part. The conversation referred chiefly to the different colors of light emitted by some stars, and to the question whether the light of all colors travels at the same rate, Mr. Winder's remarks showing clearly that in all probability different colored light moves at different rates.

Mr. Elvins read a paper on the August Meteors. He had been fortunate in seeing a few of htem on the 10th. They radiated from a point in or near Perseus. The sky was cloudy and only a few were seen. They were, however, of great beauty and brilliancy, having a mixture of Red and Yellow like the lights of Sodium and Lithium in the Spectroscope.

Mr. Elvins also had prepared some notes in reference to the observation of objects of interest astronomical interest visible during the month.

Mr. Ridgway was called to the chair when the President read a paper on the Aurora of Sept 3rd.

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