Next Gen


The Next Gen Committee’s purpose is to address the needs of current and future RASC youth members (meaning members between 13 and 25 years of age, inclusive) as they relate to programs and services of the Society. The committee serves to represent the unique viewpoints, values, and experiences of the Society’s youth members as they apply to their RASC membership, including a core dedication to upholding the ideals of respect, inclusivity, and diversity within the Society.


The committee is accountable to the Board and reports directly to the Board a minimum of two times a year, or as required. The committee will supply copies of its plans, minutes, reports, and other documents to the Board upon request. The committee will provide an annual report to the National Council.


The committee has the authority to:

  • Create, and ensure the maintenance of, an inclusive, safe, and respectful environment for all youth members within the Society;
  • Promote and foster productive communication between youth members and their centres/the Board;
  • Amplify, and diversify the representation of, youth voices at the RASC National level;
  • Provide opportunities and funding (e.g., scholarships/bursaries) for youth members;
  • Encourage and facilitate networking, mutual support, and the sharing of ideas between the Society’s youth members;
  • Promote the Society’s STEM focus at youth-led and youth-focused external events, in collaboration with other committees such as the Education and Public Outreach, Robotic Telescope, Observing, Astro-Imaging, and History committees;
  • Contribute to the social media presence and public outreach initiatives of the RASC by hosting Next Gen social media channels, which aim to showcase the contributions and involvement of youth members within the Society;
  • Assist the Society Office’s Youth Coordinator in execution of approved programs targeting youth members;
  • Lead the RASC involvement of the Canada Wide Science Fair.

Committee Membership 

The committee will consist of at least one Director, and up to nine additional Society members, plus the Society President ex officio.


The chairperson shall be a youth member of the RASC, appointed annually by the Board.

Terms of Appointment

Members will be appointed annually by the Board.

Frequency of Meetings

At the call of the chair or at least two times per year.


Committee Members - 2022

  • Ivan Tockovski (Toronto, Co-Chair)
  • Lucas Kuhn (Toronto, Co-Chair)
  • Emilie Lafleche (Montreal, Past-Chair)
  • Aden Horbachewsky (Yukon)
  • Keegan Oickle (Halifax)
  • Warsha Mushtaq (Saskatoon)
  • Disha Patel (Vancouver)


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