Finance Committee

Committee Mandate

The Finance Committee assists the Treasurer in the performance of his or her duties and undertakes to analyse specific issues in relation to the Society's finances and make recommendations to the Board. In recent years the Finance Committee has been involved with:

  • the Society's Investment Policy
  • annual budget preparation
  • cost of membership calculations
  • documentation of financial procedures

Members with an interest or background in finance, accounting, or investments are encouraged to consider serving on the Finance Committee to assist with one or more short-term special projects.

Committee Definition

The Finance Committee shall consist of the Treasurer, who shall be chairperson, the Second Vice-President, and two other members of the Society.

The Finance Committee shall:

  1. prepare the annual budget of the Society for presentation to and adoption by the Board,
  2. administer the special funds of the Society,
  3. arrange investment of moneys of the Society not required for current operations in deposits, or securities authorized for insurance companies under the Canadian and British Insurance Companies Act (Canada), or with an institution insured under the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation Act, (Canada), or in such other investments as may be approved by the Board from time to time,
  4. review the annual financial statements of the Society prior to their submission to the Board,
  5. advise the Treasurer and the Board with respect to the financial affairs of the Society, and
  6. have such other duties as may be prescribed by the Council.

Contact Information

To reach the committee you may e-mail the Finance Committee Chair.

Committee Members - Effective July 2015

  • Denis Grey (Treasurer, Toronto), Chair
  • James Edgar ex officio (President, Regina)
  • Chris Gainor (Victoria)
  • Susan Yeo (Calgary)
  • *Randy Attwood (Executive Director)

* = non-voting

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