Frederic Troyer

(1912-99) An active 75-year member of the Toronto Centre. He received the Service Award in 1960.

FREDERIC L. TROYER (1912-99) joined the RASC as a schoolboy in 1924. His membership lapsed for a time but he was soon back to stay and in 1933 he became a life member. These facts are of some importance, since they make him presently the longest-standing member of the Society. What's more he has held office for nearly fifty years and is still a valued member of the National Council. His first job was as Assistant Curator in 1925 which really meant that he got to operate the lantern slide projector. For 23 consecutive years, starting in 1941, he held office in the Centre as Recorder, Secretary, Vice-President and President. The Recorder had the large responsibility in those days of summarizing every meeting of the Centre for the Journal and Troyer's reports were always examples of clarity and style which he had developed in his profession as an editor and science writer for the Toronto Star. Nationally, he served as Recorder from 1952-64 and as Librarian from 1977-82.

For many years Troyer organized Toronto Centre's public star nights in city parks and at the Canadian National Exhibition. These events gave thousands of people a chance to look through a telescope and, as a result of pamphlets he had printed by the Toronto Star, gave them some information about the sky and the Society.

His extensive contributions to the Society were recognized as early as 1960 when he received the Service Award but he has since continued his amazing record of dedication. Since 1972, he has served his Centre almost continuously as Recorder, Secretary, and National Council Representative. Toronto Centre accorded him a unique honour by naming him Honorary Councillor in 1982.

Peter Broughton (from Looking Up)

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