Charles Haldenby

(1897-1985) WWI veteran. Chemical engineer and botanist. Toronto Centre member from 1940-85.

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Frank Hogg Tribute

Tribute to
Delivered by
Rev. Mr. C.B. Brethen, Minister
Richmond Hill United Church

January 4, 1951

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Regarding Sputnik

Regarding Sputnik
John F. Heard, Ph. D.
David Dunlap Observatory
University of Toronto

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Alfred Donnelly #2

Alfred Donnelly with telescope. Graetz Bros. Ltd. print no. 33903. Undated.

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Alfred Donnelly #1

Alfred Donnelly with 12½" mirror blank and grinding machine. Graetz Bros. Ltd. print no. 33902. Undated.

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Richard Tanner

RASC Gold Medal winner (1948) and Dominion Observatory astronomer.

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Ann. Mtg. 1959

The Annual Meeting and At-Home was the forerunner to the General Assembly.  This document contains:

  • Announcement and Schedule
  • Information for Members
  • Agenda
  • Financial Statement
  • Report of the Librarian 1958
  • Report of the Secretary 1958
  • Paper Session Program
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Gaherty #16

The Moon, age 6 days (colongitude 340.3°) on 1959 April 14 at 02:10 U.T. [South is up in this view.] Taken with an 8-inch cave reflector, projection by 32mm Erfle eyepiece, Asahi Pentax body. 1/10s exposure on Panatomic-X. Photo by Geoff Gaherty.

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Moon 19590517

The Moon, aged 9.3 days on 1959 May 17. Photographed with the 6-inch refractor of the RASC Montreal Centre. 1/10s at f/15, Panatomic-X. Photo by Geoff Gaherty.

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Geoffrey Bell

(1899-1982) A Paris, Ontario member and noted solar observer.

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