Charles Good #1

Charles Good observing the Sun. Undated photo.

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Evans Telescope Presentation

Presentation of the Evans telescope in 1963.

Left of door (L to R): W. Simpson Baikie, E.K. Lee, G.J. Odgers, unknown.
Right of door (L to R): unknown, J.M. Fletcher (facing camera), Pam Odgers, W.G. Milne(? behind Pam), F.R. Williams (in hat), unknown, R.M. Petrie, N.O. Hutchings(?).

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Darby Coats #1

Darby Coats explains mirror grinding at Astronight '64. Photo by J. Howell.

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SCOA Bulletin #5

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Administration Bulletins

Administration Bulletins from the 1960s.

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Brochure 1960s

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Service Awards 1968

L to R: Herbert Fox (Hamilton Centre), D.R.P. "Darby" Coats (Winnipeg, Calgary Centres), George Ball (Victoria Centre) with their Service Awards in 1968.  This photo appeared in JRASC.

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Aluminizing Apparatus

This photo appeared in R.A.S.C. Papers- An Amateur's Aluminizing Apparatus (JRASC, Dec. 1962, p.251).

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Richard Tanner

RASC Gold Medal winner (1948) and Dominion Observatory astronomer.

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Ann. Mtg. 1960

This Annual Meeting plus special two-day meeting was referred to as The General Assembly and "At Home."  Unlike the earlier 1959 gathering and those held in subsequent years, it was split into two seperate events (in March and April) held in two cities, Toronto and Montreal.

  • Announcment
  • Information for members
  • Program
  • Map of Montreal
  • Information on Accomodation
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