Dobson and Kemble

Father Lucien J Kemble joined the Society as an unattached member in 1971, shortly after he acquired his first pair of binoculars. He enjoyed the challenge of finding Venus and Jupiter during daylight. Progressing to an 11 cm telescope he watched Mars occult Epsilon Geminorum while the Sun was still well above the horizon, observed details on Jupiter at 9 am and used the long hours of summer twilight to split double stars. Willi nightfall he moved on to deep sky objects.

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Lucien Kemble

(1922-99) A keen visual observer; discoverer of Kemble's Cascade.


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Leo Enright #3

Leo with his C14 in Oso Observatory. Photo by Peter Broughton.

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Leo Enright #1

Leo Enright and Oso Observatory at Sharbot Lake, Ontario. Photo by Peter Broughton.

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Richard Tanner

RASC Gold Medal winner (1948) and Dominion Observatory astronomer.

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Robert Jedicke

Robert is a Canadian astronomy researcher working at the Institute for Astronomy of the University of Hawaii. Jedicke's expertise is analysing observations and theoretical dynamics of the population of asteroids in the solar system, particularly mini-moons near Earth's orbit. Recently, his search for mini-moons took him to the control room of the Subaru telescope on the summit of Mauna Kea, where he had an observing run with an 8-metre telescope.

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Peter Broughton LU

Peter Broughton in the Society's library at 136 Dupont Street circa 1994.

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RASC National Office

The RASC's headquarters has moved around Toronto over the years:

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Eclipse, Solar - 19940510

This was a mid-day annular eclipse tracking through southern Ontario.

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Eclipse, Solar - 19910711

The RASC chartered a plane to view this total solar eclipse from Baja Mexico.

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