Web Links

The Observer's Handbook contains a number of recommended links to additional astronomy resources. This page includes live hyperlinks that will allow you to access these resources more easily. Happy exploring!

  • Access the websites listed in Selected Internet Resources on page 15 of the 2020 Observer’s Handbook.
  • Access all the websites listed in the 2020 Observer’s Handbook, listed by page.
  • Access the websites listed in in the body of the 2020  USA Edition Observer’s Handbook where they differ from the standard edition.

Selected Internet Resources

From Page 15 of the 2020 Observer's Handbook

www.aavso.org American Association of Variable Star Observers (p. 298)
www.alpo-astronomy.org Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (p. 221)
astrosociety.org Astronomical Society of the Pacific (p. 18)
www.astronomy.com Astronomy magazine (p. 10)
www.asc-csa.gc.ca Canadian Space Agency
www.cleardarksky.com/csk Clear Sky Chart, by Attilla Danko (p. 78)
astronomerswithoutborders.org Astronomers Without Borders
www.MrEclipse.com Eclipse photography and safety (p. 143)
https://hubblesite.org/resource-gallery/learning-resources/hubble-heritage Hubble Heritage Site, access to HST images
www.cbat.eps.harvard.edu/index.html International Astronomical Union Central Bureau (p. 7); see also www.iau.org
darksky.org International Dark-Sky Association (p. 79)
www.imo.net International Meteor Organization (p. 254)
occultations.org International Occultation Timing Association (p. 163)
www.jpl.nasa.gov Jet Propulsion Laboratory, activities for adults and kids
American Meteor Society (p. 256)
ui.adsabs.harvard.edu NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS); bibliographic database, access to millions of articles
eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/eclipse.html NASA eclipse site (p. 143)
ned.ipac.caltech.edu NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (p. 334)
spaceflight.nasa.gov NASA space flight site giving current information on Space Shuttle missions and ISS activities
www.rasc.ca/handbook Observer's Handbook Web site (ifc)
planetary.org Planetary Society—contains over 2000 pages of information about space exploration
www.rasc.ca The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (p. 7)
saguaroastro.org Saguaro Astronomy Club, includes observing list database (p. 87)
www.heavens-above.com Satellite tracking information, including International Space Station
simbad.u-strasbg.fr/simbad SIMBAD astronomical database
skyandtelescope.org Sky & Telescope and Sky Publishing (p. 10)
skynews.ca SkyNews-Canada's astronomy magazine published by the RASC (p. 10)
www.stsci.edu Space Telescope Science Institute; access to Digitized Sky Survey
seds.org Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
vizier.u-strasbg.fr/viz-bin/VizieR VizieR service; access to most astronomical catalogues

Web Resources

Page-by-Page Listing of Web Resources, other than page 15 of the 2020 Observer's Handbook

http://wis-tns.weizmann.ac.il//user/register p. 7 Transient Name Server
www.minorplanetcenter.net/iau/info/TechInfo.html p. 7 Minor Planet Reports
iopscience.iop.org p. 10 Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
www.apple.com/itunes p. 10 Apple iTunes
appworld.blackberry.com/webstore p. 10 Blackberry Apps World
www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/windows-10-apps p. 10 Windows Store
market.android.com p. 10 Android Market
portico.org/stable?au=pgg3ztf87mt p. 10 Andrew Fraknoi’s article in Astronomy Education Review
www.earthandsky.co.nz p. 11 Mount John Observatory—Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
www.aao.gov.au p. 11 Australian Astronomical Observatory—Siding Spring, Australia
rsaa.anu.edu.au/observatories p. 11 Mount Stromlo Observatory—Canberra, Australia
www.perthobservatory.com.au p. 11 Perth Observatory—Bickley, Australia
www.mpifr-bonn.mpg.de/effelsberg p. 11 Effelsberg Radio Telescope—Effelsberg, Germany


p. 11 Greenwich Observatory—Greenwich, England
www.jodrellbank.manchester.ac.uk p. 11 Lovell Radio Telescope—Jodrell Bank, England
www.armagh.space p. 11 Armagh Observatory—Armagh, Northern Ireland
birrcastle.com/telescope-astronomy p. 11 “Leviathan” Great Telescope—Birr, Ireland
p. 11 Isaac Newton Telescope—La Palma, Canary Islands
stjohnsrasc.ca/bpsp/star-party.shtml p. 11 Butterpot Star Party—Butter Pot Prov. Park, Newfoundland
www.ap.smu.ca/pr/bgo p. 11 Burke-Gaffney Observatory—Halifax, Nova Scotia
novaeast.rasc.ca p. 11 Nova East—Smileys Provincial Park, Nova Scotia
halifax.rasc.ca/index.php/observing/14-st-croix-observatory p. 11 St. Croix Observatory—St. Croix, Nova Scotia
https://www.deepskyeye.com p. 11 Deep Sky Eye Observatory—Quinan, Nova Scotia
outreach.naic.edu/ao p. 11 Arecibo Observatory—Arecibo, Puerto Rico
www.eso.org/public/teles-instr/paranal-observatory p. 11 Paranal Observatory (ESO)—Cerro Paranal, Chile
www.lco.cl p. 11 Las Campanas Observatory—Cerro Las Campanas, Chile
https://www.gemini.edu p. 11 Gemini South Observatory—Cerro Pachon, Chile
www.eso.org/sci/facilities/lasilla.html p. 11 La Silla Observatory—Cerro La Silla, Chile
www.ctio.noao.edu p. 11 Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory—Cerro Tololo, Chile
omm.craq-astro.ca p. 11 Mont Mégantic Observatory—Mont Mégantic, Quebec
stellafane.org p. 11 Stellafane—Springfield, Vermont
www.astronomielaval.org p. 11 Laval Observatory—Laval, Québec
astrosurf.com/cdadfs/cafta.html p. 12 CAFTA—St-Timothée, Québec
p. 12 Bellevue Observatory—Montréal, Québec
www.richmondhill.ca/en/david-dunlap-observatory.aspx p. 12 David Dunlap Observatory—Richmond Hill, Ontario


p. 12 Green Bank Telescope—Green Bank, West Virginia
www.hamiltonrasc.ca/club-observatory/ p. 12 Hamilton Centre Observatory—Waterdown, Ontario
www.pitt.edu/~aobsvtry p. 12 Allegheny Observatory—Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
p. 12 Carr Astronomical Observatory—Collingwood, Ontario
www.nyaa.ca/starfest.htm p. 12 Starfest—Mount Forest, Ontario
www.sno.phy.queensu.ca p. 12 Sudbury Neutrino Observatory—Creighton, Ontario
physics.uwo.ca/outreach/cronyn/index.html p. 12 Hume Cronyn Memorial Observatory—London, Ontario
www.scas.org/winter-star-party p. 12 Winter Star Party—Camp Wesumkee, Florida
www.gordonspark.com/astronomy p. 12 Manitoulin Star Party—Gordon's Park, Ontario
p. 12 Hallam Observatory—Comber, Ontario
www.jeffgvu.com/pssp-1.html p. 12 Prairie Skies Star Party—Bourbonnais, Illinois
www.greatlakesstargaze.com p. 12 Great Lakes Star Gaze—Gladwin, Michigan
bootlegastronomy.com p. 12 Bootleg Star Party—Green River State Wildlife Area, Illinois
p. 12 Macalester Observatory—St. Paul, Minnesota
texasstarparty.org p. 12 Texas Star Party—Fort Davis, Texas
www.as.utexas.edu/mcdonald/mcdonald.html p. 12 McDonald Observatory—Fort Davis, Texas
regina.rasc.ca/node/9 p. 12 Kalium Observatory—Regina, Saskatchewan
www.apo.nmsu.edu p. 12 Apache Point Observatory—Sunspot, New Mexico
www.usask.ca/rasc/sleaford.html p. 12 Sleaford Observatory—Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
www.vla.nrao.edu p. 12 Very Large Array—Socorro, New Mexico
sssp.saskatoon.rasc.ca p. 12 Saskatchewan Summer Star Party—Cypress Hills Park, SK
skycenter.arizona.edu p. 12 Steward Observatory—Tucson, Arizona
www.sao.arizona.edu/FLWO/whipple.html p. 13 Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory—Amado, Arizona
www.noao.edu/kpno p. 13 Kitt Peak National Observatory—Tucson, Arizona
www.lowell.edu p. 13 Lowell Observatory—Flagstaff, Arizona
calgary.rasc.ca/asp.htm p. 13 Alberta Star Party—Caroline, Alberta
calgary.rasc.ca/tourrequest.htm p. 13 Wilson Coulee Observatory—Okotoks, Alberta
www.rtmcastronomyexpo.org p. 13 Riverside Telescope Makers Conference—Camp Oakes, California
www.astro.caltech.edu/palomar p. 13 Palomar Observatory—San Diego, California
jasperdarksky.travel p. 13 Jasper Dark-Sky Festival,/em> Jasper Alberta
www.mtwilson.edu p. 13 Mt. Wilson Observatory—Pasadena, California
p. 13 Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory—Penticton, B.C.
www.mksp.ca p. 13 Mount Kobau Star Party—Osoyoos, British Columbia
oregonstarparty.org p. 13 Oregon Star Party—Ochoco National Forest, Oregon
www.tmspa.com p. 13 Table Mountain Star Party—Eden Valley, Oroville, Washington
www.goldendaleobservatory.com p. 13 Goldendale Observatory—Goldendale, Washington
pmo-sun.uoregon.edu p. 13 Pine Mountain Observatory—Pine Mountain, Oregon
mthamilton.ucolick.org p. 13 Lick Observatory—San Jose, California
pgrasc.org/about/tours/ p. 13 Prince George Centre Observatory—Prince George, British Columbia
p. 13 Dominion Astrophysical Observatory—Victoria, British Columbia
yukonastronomy.com p. 13 Yukon Star Party—Takhini Hot Springs, Whitehorse, Yukon
www.eaobservatory.org/jcmt/ p. 13 James Clerk Maxwell Telescope—Mauna Kea, Hawaii
www.cfht.hawaii.edu p. 13 Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope—Mauna Kea, Hawaii
www.gemini.edu/pio/ p. 13 Gemini North—Mauna Kea, Hawaii
www.colorado.edu/fiske p. 13 Fiske Planetarium—Boulder, Colorado


p. 13 TELUS Spark—Calgary, Alberta
www.adlerplanetarium.org p. 13 Adler Planetarium—Chicago, Illinois
www.starhop.com/plan-your-visit p. 14 McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center—Concord, New Hampshire
telusworldofscienceedmonton.ca p. 14 TELUS World of Science—Edmonton, Alberta
www.astronomynovascotia.ca p. 14 Halifax Planetarium—Halifax, Nova Scotia
www.physics.mcmaster.ca/planetarium p. 14 W.J. McCallion Planetarium—Hamilton, Ontario
www.hmns.org/planetarium/ p. 14 Burke Baker Planetarium—Houston
p. 14 Samuel Oschin Planetarium—Los Angeles
www.astrolab-parc-national-mont-megantic.org p. 14 ASTROLab du Mont Mégantic—Mont Mégantic, Québec
p. 14 Planétarium de Montréal—Montréal, Québec
www.mysticseaport.org/explore/planetarium p. 14 Mystic Seaport Planetarium—Mystic
https://www.amnh.org/research/hayden-planetarium p. 14 Hayden Planetarium—New York
www.omsi.edu/planetarium p. 14 Harry C. Kendall Planetarium—Portland
www.slsc.org p. 14 ames S. McDonnell Planetarium—St. Louis
https://laurentian.ca/planetarium p. 14 Doran Planetarium—Sudbury
https://www.ontariosciencecentre.ca/what-s-on p. 14 Ontario Science Centre—Toronto
https://www.spacecentre.ca p. 14 MacMillan Planetarium—Vancouver
www.si.edu/theaters/planetarium p. 14 Albert Einstein Planetarium—Washington, D.C.
www.northernlightscentre.ca p. 14 Northern Lights—Watson Lake, Yukon


www.sfsciencecenter.org/planetarium-shows p. 14 Aldrin Planetarium—West Palm Beach
manitobamuseum.ca/main/visit/planetarium p. 14 Manitoba Planetarium—Winnipeg
www.discovertheuniverse.ca p. 16 Discover the Universe
www.decouvertedelunivers.ca p. 18 Decouverte de l'univers
www.rasc.ca/skyways-explorons-lastronomie p. 18 Skyways, Astronomy Handbook for Teachers
skynews.ca p. 18 RASC's SkyNews magazine
www.asc-csa.gc.ca/eng/resources-young p. 18 Canadian Space Agency
astro-canada.ca p. 18 Canada Under the Stars – Exhibit from the Virtual Museum of Canada
www.aavso.org/greek-letters p. 19 Greek letters spelling variations
ssd.jpl.nasa.gov p. 22 Minor planet orbital and physical elements
ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/?satellites p. 24 Satellite orbital and physical elements
planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/Page/Planets p. 25 Names of the satellites
p. 25 Martian moons locator
einstein.stanford.edu p. 28 CODATA physical constants
physics.nist.gov/cuu/Constants p. 29 CODATA physical constants
www.7timer.info p. 38 Weather and satellite finder
heavens-above.com p. 38 Heavens Above satellite finder
hpiers.obspm.fr/iers/bul/bulc/bulletinc.dat p. 44 Leap second announcements
maia.usno.navy.mil p. 44 Radio time signals
www.webexhibits.org/daylightsaving p. 45 Daylight Saving Time information
www.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/eng/services/inms/time-services.html p. 45 Canadian time zones
www.time.gov p. 45 U.S. time zones
<a href="https://www.nist.gov/time-distribution/<br />internet-time-service-its</a></td> <td>p. 47</td> <td>Internet time service</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a data-cke-saved-href=" http:="" time5.nrc.ca="" "="">time5.nrc.ca p. 47 Internet time service
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julian_day#Julian_Date p. 47 Julian Date
clarkvision.com/visastro p. 57 Visual Astronomy
www.bbastrodesigns.com/visual.html p. 57 Visual Astronomy
skyandtelescope.org/tag/visual-observing p. 59 Spectacles for astro-viewing
www.optego.com p. 59 ight Myopia Diagnostic Flippers
www.rasc.ca/lpa/sky-quality-measurement-project p. 68 Sky Quality Measurement Project
www.bogan.ca/astro/optics/maglimit.html p. 68 LTM - LVM relationship
p. 71 Polar alignment
eclipsophile.com p. 73 Weather forecasts and maps
weather.unisys.com/satellite/infrared.php p. 74 Infrared satellite images
weather.gc.ca/radar p. 75 RADAR loops
www.wunderground.com/intellicast p. 75 Interactive weather maps
www.weatheroffice.ec.gc.ca/astro/ clds_vis_e.html p. 75 Cloud forecast
ozoneaq.gsfc.nasa.gov p. 76 Aerosol envelope forecasts
p. 76 Aerosol envelope forecasts
p. 76 Transparency forecasts
weather.gc.ca/astro/seeing_e.html p. 77 Seeing forecast
www.weatherweb.net/wxwebastronomy.php p. 78 UK forecast
www.philhart.com/content/cloud-forecasts-astronomers p. 78 Australian forecast
http://www.accuweather.com p. 78 USA forecasts
www.rasc.ca/lpa p. 84 RASC Light-Pollution Abatement Committee
www.rasc.ca/dark-sky-site-guidelines p. 84 DSP and USP lighting guidelines
www.rasc.ca/technology p. 84 Technical aspects of light pollution
www.csbg.ca/BLOG.HTM p. 84 Technical information
rasc.ca/lpa-special-issue p. 84 RASC Light-Pollution Abatement Special Issue
www.rasc.ca/sites/default/files/obsform.pdf p. 86 Sample observing form
www.rasc.ca/astrosketchers-group p. 88 RASC Astrosketchers Group
www.perezmedia.net/beltofvenus p. 90 Sketching techniques
www.rasc.ca/lakomiak-lunar p. 90 Carol Lakomiak’s lunar tutorial
www.rasc.ca/lakomiak-sundso p. 90 Carol Lakomiak’s solar tutorial
www.asod.info p. 90 Astronomy Sketch of the Day (ASOD)
www.cloudynights.com p. 90 Cloudy Nights Sketching Forums
https://www.amazingsky.com/NightscapesBook p. 93 Alan Dyer's How To
www.cloudynights.com p. 93 Cloudy Nights online imaging forums
www.astronomie.be/registax p. 93 RegiStax image-stacking and processing freeware
deepskystacker.free.fr p. 93 DeepSkyStacker image-stacking and registration freeware
www.astropix.com p. 93 Catching the Light, astrophotography page
www.lex.sk.ca/astro/ p. 93 Tenho Tuomi’s Observatory
ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/?horizons p. 95 JPL Horizons ephemerides
www.EclipseWise.com p. 123 Solar eclipse figures
eclipsewise.com/solar/solar.html p. 123 Eclipse figure atlas
www.EclipseWise.com/eclipse.html#yr2020 p. 126 Solar eclipse details for 2020
p. 130 2020 Jun. 21 Solar Eclipse Calculator
p. 130 Saros 137 details
p. 134 2020 Dec. 14 Solar Eclipse circular
p. 135 Saros 142 details
www.eclipsewise.com/solar/JSEX/JSEX-index.html p. 142 Javascript Solar Eclipse Explorer
eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/JLEX/JLEX-index.html p. 142 Javascript Lunar Eclipse Explorer
www.eclipsewise.com/oh/ec2021.html p. 142 Details on 2021 eclipses
www.mreclipse.com/MrEclipse.html p. 142 Eclipse photography and observing tips
wms.lroc.asu.edu/LROC p. 149 Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mosaic
aa.usno.navy.mil/data/docs/RS_OneYear.php p. 151 USNO online rise/set calculator
rasc.ca/isabel-williamson-lunar-observing-program p. 161 Lunar-observing certificate program
www.rasc.ca/observing/explore-the-moon-observing-certificate p. 161 Explore the Moon Certificate program
www.occultations.org p. 162 International Occultation Timing Association
occultations.org/observing/occultation-predictions/ p. 162 Link to Occult4 software
www.lunar-occultations.com/iota/iotandx.htm p. 163 occultation information
www.rasnz.org.nz p. 163 Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand
p. 163 Canadian topographical maps
nationalmap.gov/ustopo/ p. 163 USGS maps
www.tides.gc.ca/eng/data/predictions/2020 p. 183 Canadian tide tables for 2020
tbone.biol.sc.edu/tide/tideshow.cgi p. 183 Worldwide tide tables
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_cycle_25 p. 188 Solar Cycle 25
www.aavso.org/solar p. 188 AAVSO solar programs
sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov p. 188 Solar Dynamics Observatory site
parkersolarprobe.jhuapl.edu p. 188 Parker Solar Probe site
www.alpo-astronomy.org/solarblog p. 188 ALPO solar astronomy site
p. 188 Alpine Astronomical Solar Observation site
www.atoptics.co.uk/tiltsun.htm p. 188 Solar-tilt software site
www.oneminuteastronomer.com/999/choose-solar-filter p. 188 Choosing a solar filter
www.petermeadows.com/html/stonyhurst.html p. 188 Stonyhurst disks
https://britastro.org p. 188 BAA solar site
sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov p. 188 Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
www.swpc.noaa.gov p. 188 Space Weather Prediction Center
radiojove.gsfc.nasa.gov p. 188 Solar and Planetary Astronomy for Schools
www.solarham.net p. 188 Solar page for Ham Radio VE3EN
www.spaceweatherwoman.com p. 188 Dr. Tamitha Skov—Heliosphere Physicist
halpha.nso.edu p. 188 H Alpha Network Monitor
www.atoptics.co.uk/rainbows/ord34.htm p. 197 Higher-ordered rainbows
www.meteoros.de/haloe.htm p. 204 All about halos
www.philiplaven.com/index1.html p. 204 Water-drop optics
p. 212 Cleaning optics S&T article
p. 213 Sketching Mars
p. 225 Great Red Spot transit calculator
p. 229 Discovery of Neptune article
www.stellarium.org p. 237 Saturn's satellites (MacOS, Linux, and Windows)
www.minorplanetcenter.net/iau/MPEph/MPEph.html p. 244 Asteroid orbital elements
www.poyntsource.com/New/RASC_Events.htm p. 248 Interactive maps, star lists
www.poyntsource.com/New/Global.htm p. 248 Interactive maps, star lists
www.hristopavlov.net/OccultWatcher/publish.htm p. 248 Asteroidal occultation finder
www.occultationpages.com/rasc/20200910_Mars.html p. 249 Mars 2020 occultation
www.asteroidoccultation.com p. 249 Asteroid occultation information
p. 252 Meteor shower naming conventions
www.amsmeteors.org/fireball/report p. 256 Fireball observations for North America
IMO Fireball Reports p. 256 Fireball reports (global)
https://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/ p. 257 Meteoritical Bulletin database
curator.jsc.nasa.gov/antmet/lmc/index.cfm p. 258 Lunar meteorites
sites.wustl.edu/meteoritesite/items/lunar-meteorites p. 258 Lunar meteorites
curator.jsc.nasa.gov/antmet/mmc/index.cfm p. 258 Martian meteorites
www.imca.cc/mars/martian-meteorites.htm p. 258 Martian meteorites
meteoritical.org/about-meteorites/meteorite-names p. 259 Meteorite naming guidelines
www.passc.net/EarthImpactDatabase p. 260 Meteorite crater database
minorplanetcenter.net/iau/Ephemerides/Comets p. 264 Comet ephemerides
www.icq.eps.harvard.edu/CometMags.html p. 264 Comet magnitudes
www.minorplanetcenter.net/iau/MPEph/MPEph.html p. 264 Comet orbital elements
www.minorplanetcenter.net/iau/lists/CometResolution.html p. 267 Comet designation convention
www.cbat.eps.harvard.edu/cometnameg p. 267 Comet naming convention
p. 284 Spectra classification
ned.ipac.caltech.edu/level5/Gray/frames.html p. 284 Richard Gray’s Digital Spectral Classification Atlas
www.appstate.edu/~grayro/MK/winmk.htm p. 284 Digital Spectral Comparisons (Windows)
www.appstate.edu/~grayro/spectrum/ftp/download.html p. 284 Digital Spectral Comparisons (Linux)
www.rspec-astro.com/star-analyser/ p. 284 Star Analyser
go.uis.edu/gratingspectra p. 284 Slitless spectroscopy
www.rspec-astro.com/sample-projects/ p. 284 Spectroscopy examples
www.astrosurf.com/buil/index.html p. 284 Spectroscopy examples
www.menkescientific.com/johnspage.html p. 284 Spectroscopy examples
go.uis.edu/gratingspectra p. 284 Processing spectra
www.aavso.org/observing-campaigns#current p. 284 AAVSO Observing Campaigns
www.recons.org/ p. 287 RECONS database
www.jdso.org p. 291 Electronic journal for double-star observing
tdc-www.harvard.edu/catalogs/sao.html p. 296 SAO Star Catalog
www.aavso.org/vsx p. 299 Eclipsing binaries database
rr-lyr.irap.omp.eu/dbrr/index.php p. 299 RR Lyr Database
www.aavso.org/WebObs p. 303 Reporting form for observations
earthsky.org/space/star-trek-planet-vulcan-40-eridani-a/ p. 304 Spock's Star
clarkvision.com/ p. 309 Star size and surface brightness
www.univie.ac.at/webda/navigation.html p. 311 Open Clusters lists
physwww.mcmaster.ca/~harris/WEHarris.html p. 312 Globular cluster data
www.robgendlerastropics.com/M14-BYUL.html p. 313 M14 image
www.rasc.ca/handbook/supplements p. 321 Dark nebulae information
nedwww.ipac.caltech.edu/level5 p. 334 NED compilation
www.radio-astronomy.org p. 338 Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers
www.ukaranet.org.uk p. 338 UK Amateur Radio Astronomy Network

Web Resources for the USA Edition

Listing of Web Resources, where they differ, for the 2020 USA Edition of the Observer's Handbook

www.acadianightskyfestival.org p. 11 Acadia Night Sky Festival—Bar Harbor, Maine
www.fi.edu/exhibit/observatory p. 11 Franklin Institute Bloom Observatory—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
www.astrohbg.org/public-observing p. 12 Harrisburg Star Party—Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Cherry Springs website p. 12 Cherry Springs Star Party—Cherry Springs S.P., Coudersport, PA
www.chaosastro.org/starparty p. 12 Staunton River Star Party—Halifax County, Virginia
www.ahsp.org p. 12 Almost Heaven Star Party—Spruce Knob, West Virginia
www.greenbankstarquest.org p. 12 Green Bank Star Quest—Green Bank, West Virginia
www.mvas.org/node/5372 p. 12 Apollo Rendezvous—John Bryan State Park, Ohio
www.greatlakesstargaze.com p. 12 Great Lakes Star Gaze—Gladwin, Michigan
rainwaterobservatory.org p. 12 Midsouth Star Gaze—French Camp, Mississippi
sas-sky.org p. 12 Illinois Dark Sky Star Party—Jim Edgar Panther Creek FWA
askc.org/events/hoasp p. 12 Heart of America Star Party—Butler, Missouri
www.nebraskastarparty.org p. 12 Nebraska Star Party—Valentine, Nebraska
www.okie-tex.com p. 12 Okie-Tex Star Party—Camp Billy Joe, Oklahoma
rmss.org p. 12 Rocky Mountain Star Stare—Gardner, Colorado
www.enchantedskies.org/essp/index.html p. 12 Enchanted Skies Star Party—Magdalena, New Mexico
www.ifastro.org p. 12 Craters of the Moon Star Party—Craters of the Moon, New Mexico
www.bigskyastroclub.org p. 13 Logan Pass Star Party—West Glacier, Montana
www.boiseastro.org/isp.html p. 13 Idaho Star Party—Bruneau Dunes State Park, Idaho
www.nps.gov/deva/planyourvisit/death-valley-dark-sky-festival.htm p. 13 Death Valley Star Party—Death Valley, California
goldenstatestarparty.org p. 13 Golden State Star Party—Bieber, California
www.dmns.org p. 14 Denver Museum of Nature and Science—Denver
www.frostscience.org p. 14 Frost Museum of Science—Miami
slco.org/clark-planetarium p. 14 Clark Planetarium—Salt Lake City
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