Norman Green

(1913-2007) Anglican minister. Hamilton Centre member; Service Award (1970); NNL Editor (1973-74); National Secretary (1964-71, 1978-80).

NORMAN GREEN (1913-2007) was born in England and emigrated with his parents to Hamilton. After graduating from the Technical School, Norman joined the Hamilton Centre in 1930 and became active at star nights, as a speaker and as Secretary Treasurer and Vice-President. He worked for Bell Canada for a time before pursuing theological studies and then, following ordination by the Anglican Church in 1943, he and his wife, Jean, accepted a call to the parish of Fenelon Falls. They returned to Hamilton in 1952 and Reverend Green resumed his active role in the Society. He began assisting with planetarium demonstrations at McMaster in 1958, and the same year became President of the Centre.

On the national scene, he was elected Secretary in 1964, a post he handled for a total of ten years with tactful charm and careful attention to detail. Meanwhile, Green was accepting a great number of invitations to speak on astronomy to various schools, community, church and Scout groups. For a while in 1967, he was giving an average of two talks per week. When the McLaughlin Planetarium opened in Toronto the next year, Green was appointed Assistant Director. He became its administrative head in 1971.

From 1972 to '74 he edited the Society's National Newsletter and continued as Assistant Editor for three more years after that. His successor as Editor, Harlan Creighton, spoke of Norman Green's "flawless sense of what is appropriate plus his dedication to hard work for the benefit of the Society, its members, and astronomy." These admirable qualities won him the Service Award in 1970. He has been the Honorary President of Hamilton Centre since 1976. In retirement at Niagara-on-the Lake, he enjoys leading walking tours through the historic town, speaking occasionally to the Hamilton and Niagara Centres, and presenting talks on astronomy to various organizations throughout the region.

Peter Broughton (from Looking Up)


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