Charles Haldenby

(1897-1985) WWI veteran. Chemical engineer and botanist. Toronto Centre member from 1940-85.

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Freeman and Fidler

Rosemary Freeman and Marie Fidler outside RASC HQ at 252 College Street in 1973.

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Toronto Centre Council 1977

Back row, left to right: Michael Watson, Robert Pike, Enid Comars, D.J. FitzGerald, Steven Morris, Councilors.

Front row, left to right: President, Jack Newton; 1st VP, Ann Scott; 2nd VP, Dr. Christine Clement; Treasurer, Alf Scott; Recorder, Fred Troyer.

Photo by Bill Peters.

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Arthur Covington #1

Arthur E. Covington at the Goth Hill Radio Observatory in the spring of 1971.

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Lucien Coallier #1

Souper annuel SAM, 3 juin 1979. Dr. Rene Racine and Lucien Coallier.

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Winnipeg History

A History of the Winnipeg Centre, 1911-1977

Phyllis Belfield

Ella Dack
Patricia Berezowski

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Burke-Gaffney, Eaton, Sagan


Our honorary president, Rev. M.W. Burke- Gaffney, Cyrus Eaton,and Carl Sagan meet at Wallace Bridge, Nova Scotia, the birth place of Simon Newcomb, on July 9 1972, one day prior to the last total eclipse in this province for 107 years. (photo by R.L. Bishop; from Nova Notes, Nov-Dec 1977.)

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Richard Tanner

RASC Gold Medal winner (1948) and Dominion Observatory astronomer.

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Ephemerides Astronomique 1977

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Almanach-Graphique 1977

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