Oso Observatory

(1979–2016) Leo Enright's observatory at Sharbot Lake, Ontario.

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RASC: 140 Years of Art and Observation

RASC: One Hundred and Forty Years of Art and Observation

catalogue of an exhibition from the RASC National Archives
for the 2008 General Assembly in Toronto, June 28-30, 2008

a project of the RASC History Committee
Barry Matthews, Chair
R. A. Rosenfeld, Archivist

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Robert Jedicke

Robert is a Canadian astronomy researcher working at the Institute for Astronomy of the University of Hawaii. Jedicke's expertise is analysing observations and theoretical dynamics of the population of asteroids in the solar system, particularly mini-moons near Earth's orbit. Recently, his search for mini-moons took him to the control room of the Subaru telescope on the summit of Mauna Kea, where he had an observing run with an 8-metre telescope.

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RASC National Office

The RASC's headquarters has moved around Toronto over the years:

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Randall Brooks

Ottawa and Halifax Centre member. Service Award 1986.

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Stan Mott

Longtime Ottawa Centre member, Librarian, eclipse chaser, meteor observer. Service Award 1980.

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Damien Lemay

A Québec Centre member and avid astrophotographer. Chant Medal 1987. National President (1990-92).

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Warren Morrison

Kingston Centre member, active variable star observer. Chilton Prize 1979. Chant Medal 1986.

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Rolf Meier

An active Ottawa Centre member and visual discoverer of four comets. He received the Chant Medal in 1979.

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Peter Jedicke

Hyperactive London Centre member. Service Award 1984. National President (2004-06).

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