Outreach Materials

Public Outreach Materials

Increasing public awarenss on light pollution and its impact on the environment and human health can be a daunting task. One of the roles of the RASC's National LPA Committee is to help Centres build local awareness.

One way is with short videos that present the information in an easily understood program. Below is one particularly good example.

The RASC National LPA Committee also supports local initiatives with the distribution of information and presentation materials. These are produced by LPA Committees of various Centres as well as the National LPA Committee in the form of booklets, information sheets, and slide sets to complement a formal presentation on light pollution abatement.

In addition, the Edmonton-based Alberta Dark Sky Association (ADSA) has developed a number booklets and brochures on several topics that help explain the benefits of better lighting policies and provide ideas on how to improve private and municipal lighting practice.

These resources are provided freely for download for use in meetings and outreach activities.

Better Lights for Better Nights Edmonton 15 min 85x11 landscape Handbook for Strathcona County
LED Lighting Handout Light Efficient Community Introduction - Feb 2012 - 8x11 Dark Skies leaflet 
Light Pollution - Effects on Astronomy Light Pollution - Effects on Culture Light Pollution - Effects on Energy Consumption
Light Pollution - Effects on Health Light Pollution - Effects on Science and Education Light Pollution - Lighting and Crime
Light Pollution - The Problem of Glare Light Pollution - The Problem of Light Trespass Light Pollution Map - Alberta 8x11
Non and Semi-cutoff Street Lighting Fixtures 85x11 North America Light Pollution Map 8 The Light-Efficient Community - Article (DOC)
Guide to Creating the LEC Introductory Letter to Council The LEC Community Coordinator

Presentation Materials

The following presentation sets have been prepared for use for audiences interested in light pollution abatement:

  • Slide set A -Full PPT presentation(24 slides, 5.5 meg)
  • Slide set A- Individual Slides

Slide Number Slide Number Slide Number
 Slide 001  Slide 009  Slide 017
 Slide 002  Slide 010  Slide 018
 Slide 003  Slide 011  Slide 019
 Slide 004  Slide 012  Slide 020
 Slide 005  Slide 013  Slide 021
 Slide 006  Slide 014  Slide 022
 Slide 007  Slide 015  Slide 023
 Slide 008  Slide 016  Slide 024

A complete booklet with references to a selection of images in the above slide set has been prepared to assist in local LPA Programs. References to specific jurisdictions have been removed so users should fill in local information prior to its printing and use. It is available online as an HMTL document or as a MS-Word file. We suggest you speak to local suppliers and use the the most recent prices for fixtures.

Other Publications and Reports

Canadian and RASC Reports

International Publications

The following links are non-RASC publications that are particularly useful.

Starlight Initaive  International Defence of the Quality of the Night Sky and the Right to Observe Stars (April 2007)

International Organizations

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