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Light Pollution Abatement Contacts at RASC Centres

Many of the 30 local Centres of the Society across Canada have active local Light Pollution Abatement programs where members support efforts to reduce light pollution and energy waste. Some Centres are also engaging in local light pollution issues and by linking into their progress we can all learn what we need to do to fight light pollution.

Centre Contact Email
Calgary Centre Roland Dechesne roland.dechesne[at]
Halifax Centre

Tony Schellinck
Peter Hurley

New Brunswick Centre Chris Weadick chris.weadick[at]
Ottawa Centre Robert Dick rdick[at]
Prince George Mike Matwyuk mike_matwyuk[at]
Regina Centre Kevin Fenwick k.fenwick[at]
Sarnia Centre Marty Cogswell mr_scope2[at]
Saskatoon Centre Richard Huziak  rickhuziak[at]
St John's Centre Dave Newbury
Doug Grouchy
Vancouver Centre Leigh Cummings lpa[at]
Windsor Centre Mahayarrahh (Starr) Livingstone mahayarrahh[at]
Winnipeg Centre Terra Jentsch aurora_tj[at]
Yukon Centre Forest Pearson fkpearson2002[at]

LPA Discussion Group - Sharing Experiences and Best Practices

The RASC Light Pollution Abatement Committee supports a discussion group that brings together interested members of the RASC to share experiences, assistance, and ideas to help combat light pollution around the world. This discussion group can be accessed by members through the RASC's Secure Site.

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