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xiii Massachusetts on on the teaching Massachusetts on on the teaching
24 Charles Augustus Chant (1865-1956) Clarence Augustus Chant (1865-1956)
30 Marie's first marriage to Frank Fidler Marie's first marriage to James Fidler
54 effort in the 1960s, and effort in the 1960s, and
54 succeed the 381 cm mirror...Hawaii Telescope. succeed. the 381 cm mirror...Hawaii Telescope.
61 Once on Ontario, Once in Ontario,
65 Librarians: C.A. Chant 1915 C.A. Chant 1916
65 Librarians: H.B. Collier omitted H.B. Collier 1915
69 was the daughter of astronomer T.S. Jacobsen had worked at the DAO in the 1960s
79 the Award on the National the Awards Committee on the National
102 (1878-1956) (1881-1956)
118 (date missing for lower right photo) add "(May, 1987)"
122 An RASC Information Desk An RASC Information Desk (manned by Andrew Lowe)
139 (1904-80) (1902-80)
153 Edwin E. Bridgen (?-1988) Edwin E. Bridgen (1890-1988)
173 Do-si-do at the '89 GA Do-si-do at the '89 GA, Betty and Mel Rankin in foreground.
179 Booth Street Cliff Street
194 Lt-Col McRae Lt-Col McCrea
194 father of John McRae father of John McCrea
212 circulated widel, circulated widely,
214 David Roger, David Rodger,
214 Saskatchewan used for meetings Saskatchewan Observatory used for meetings
235 The following year In 1961
236 since 1964, since 1966,
237 and 12.5-cm and 13.3-cm
245 installed at the Nova...temporary set up (delete phrase)
246 guests went to Purcell's Cove guests went to Herring Cove
246 Kedgemakukik National Park Kejimkujik National Park
248 Dora Rusell received a Queen's Dora Russell received a Queen's
257 15-cm refractor 10-cm refractor
275 Long Sault Conservation Area, 300 km east of Toronto. Long Sault Conservation Area, north of Bowmanville.
277 Captain Kirk Mr. Spock


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