John Kennedy

(1916-99) Associate professor of physics at the University of New Brunswick and later the University of Saskatchewan. Society Secretary (1958-64) and President (1968-70). Received a Service Award in 1970.

JOHN EDWARD KENNEDY (1916-) graduated from Queen's University in 1937 and earned his M.Sc. at McGill in 1942. He became a Professor of Physics at the University of New Brunswick, where Lloyd Higgs and Mary Grey (later RASC Presidents) were among his students. Through friendship with Peter Millman, he worked at the DO in the summer of 1953 and was soon organizing observations of meteor showers at UNB and participating in eclipse expeditions. His important work in uncovering the history of astronomy in Canada also began in those years when he brought attention to the pioneering work of Brydone Jack who established an observatory at UNB in 1851.

In 1959, the Kennedys moved to Toronto and Ed (as his friends know him) began work at the Defence Research Medical Laboratories. Fortunately for the RASC, he was the right person at the right time and place to assume the position of Secretary. His strong and efficient presence ensured that the Society operated in a business-like manner. As a member and Chairman of the Editing Committee, his insistence on high standards and his reassurance were a vital help to the Editor, Ruth Northcott.

Immediately following his six-year term as Secretary, Kennedy embarked on the ten-year round of Presidential Offices. During these years and subsequently, he addressed nearly every Centre of the Society; he spoke frequently at General Assemblies, and contributed many papers to the Journal and other international publications.

Professor Kennedy taught Physics and was Assistant Dean of Arts and Science at the University of Saskatchewan. A founding member of the Saskatoon Centre in 1969, he presently represents the Awards Committee on National Council. He received the Service Award in 1970 for his guidance and untiring efforts in the interests of the Society.

Peter Broughton (from Looking Up)

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Above: Professor Kennedy speaks at the 1995 General Assembly.
Above: Professor Kennedy speaks at the 1997 General Assembly.
Kennedy, John E.