John Kennedy

(1916-1999) Associate professor of physics at the University of New Brunswick and later the University of Saskatchewan. Society Secretary (1958-64) and President (1968-70). Received a Service Award in 1970.

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Ed Kennedy and Jack Locke

Ed Kennedy (RASC President 1968-70) and Jack Locke (RASC President 1972-74). Photo taken at the Edmonton GA, May 1978(?). Photo by Norman Green.

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GA 1968 Audio

Audio recordings of the 1968 General Assembly in Calgary.

Note (2015 Feb 11): The tape reels have been stored at the RASC's national office for the decades since they were recorded.  Most of the tapes were digitized by Walter MacDonald using a 1960s vintage Sony player (3¾ and 7½ IPS).  The PZT and Banquet tapes (1 7/8 and 15/16 IPS) were digitized by Mike Earl using a Cipher I player. Some digital enhancement was done as needed to improve the sound quality. —WM

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Annual Meeting 1959 #05

Ed Kennedy (standing) and Ruth Northcott. George Wedge is to the right of Ruth.

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National Council 1959

National Council at 252 College Street in 1959:

L to R (seated): J.H. Horning, J.F. Heard, Peter Millman, Helen Hogg, J.E. Kennedy, Ruth Northcott, W. T. Tutte.
Back row: ?, E.S. Keeping, A. R. Maclennan, Fleurange Laforest, William Wehlau, Miriam Burland, ?, Charles M. Good.

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Kennedy and Roper

J.E. Kennedy and E.E. Roper (Mayor of Edmonton) on 1962 May 18.

This photo appeared in JRASC with the following caption:

His Worship the Mayor of Edmonton, Dr. E.E. Roper, receives his membership card and lapel pin from the National Secretary, Mr. J.E. Kennedy.

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Helm Fund Presentation

J.E. Kennedy watches as RASC President Ruth Northcott presents
the first cheque from the Walter Helm Endowment Fund
to DDO DirectorJ.F. Heard, July 11, 1962.

(This photo appeared in Looking Up, p.79.)

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19591214 Kennedy

1959 Dec 14: Letter from J.E. Kennedy to Leon Campbell

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19591203 Campbell

1959 Dec 3: Letter from Leon Campbell to J.E. Kennedy

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19600301 Bakos

1960 Mar 1: Letter from G. Bakos to J.E. Kennedy

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