Darby Coats

(1892-1973) A Montreal/Winnipeg/Calgary Centre member with an interest in radio; received the Society's Service Award in 1968.

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Edwin Bridgen

(1890-1988) An active member of the Montreal and Victoria Centres.

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Charles Good

(1902-80) An active observer and Montreal Centre member. Received the Service Award in 1960.

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Earl Milton

(1936-1999) An active observer and Edmonton Centre member; received the Chant Medal in 1959 at age 23.

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Isabel Williamson

(1907-2000) An active member of the Montreal Centre and the driving force behind the observing programs there from the 1940s through the 1960s.

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Alice Douglas

(1894-1988) Professor of Astronomy and Dean of Women at Queen's University (1939-63). She studied Physics under Sir Arthur Eddington and later wrote his biography. President of the Society (1943-44) and founder of the RASC Kingston Centre in 1961.

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John Heard

(1907-76) Director of the David Dunlap Observatory (1951-65), RASC President (1953-54).

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The Poor Man's Telescope

F.W. Henshaw and F.T. Matthews

A series of articles first appearing in THE MONITOR under the feature column of the Montreal Centre — "Observatory Activities."

Note: The actual year of publication is not known.

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GA 1960 Audio

1960 June 6


This is Earl Milton's tape report on observing on a National Scale. It has not been heard by anyone in Toronto.


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RASC IAU Display 1979

Photos of the RASC display at the 1979 IAU meeting in Montreal.

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