Letter to Levy

All's Well That Ends Well


In 1967 the nineteen-year-old David Levy was an enthusiastic observer, and an observationally active member of the Montreal Centre, pursuing his life-long quest for comets, and an ever deeper familiarity with the night sky (activities which he knowledgably, imaginatively, and fruitfully pursues to this day).

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GA 1960 #11

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GA 1960 #07

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GA 1960 #05

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GA 1960 #12

L to R: 1, 2, 3.

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GA 1960 #10

At the observatory?

Yes, at the Montreal Centre Observatory. In front of blackboard, Jim Low; in front of bookcase, Isabel Williamson, far right Charles Good (I was probably the photographer!)
Geoff Gaherty, August 2012.

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GA 1960 #06

Foreground: E. E. Bridgen, ?
Standing: Miriam Burland?, Ian McLennan, Mario ?, George Wedge, Frank DeKinder, ?, Dorothy Yane, ?, Mme. J. P. Jean?

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GA 1960 #04

Standing, l to r: C.S. Beals, F. Troyer?, Charles Good, Helen Hogg, Ruth Northcott, Andrew McKellar, Fleurange Laforest, A. R. McLennan, Dorothy Yane, Frank DeKinder, Katherine Zorgo, ?, A. Vibert Douglas?, Isabel Wiliamson, E. E. Bridgen?.

Seated at far right: Mrs. Good.

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GA 1960 #03

Dr. McKellar (1910-60) at the 1960 GA.  Obituary in JRASC (August 1960).

Photo (scanned from duplicate slide) by Constantine Papacosmos.

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Jupiter 196011242035

Jupiter on 1960 November 23/24 at 15:35+10m EST (20:35 UT) as sketched by Jim Low. C.M.(1) 8º, C.M.(2) 241º. 4" reflector at 65x & 130x. Seeing 4. Transparency 3. North is down. This is a day observation, made about 0.9h before sunset. Jupiter was a faint object compared to the bright sky, and it could not be seen definitely in the 4x20mm finder.

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