President's Corner

by Robyn Foret, Calgary Centre (

As I write this, we are five months into our COVID-19-induced reality, and I hope all
of you and yours are keeping yourselves and those around you safe.
The RASC has embraced the need for rapid change, addressing how we do what we do
and tweaking what we do as well. Starting with changes in methodology, last edition I
noted the use of social media and virtual meetings to deliver our General Assembly and
Annual General Meeting. Continuing on the theme of virtual events, I’m happy to report that
we have a busy events calendar hosting regular installments of The Insider’s Guide to the Galaxy,
Self-Isolation Star Parties, Speaker Series and Explore the Universe Online. Check out what’s
up and coming and how to access archived sessions at Thanks to all the
contributors for making this happen with a special shout-out to our own Jenna Hinds,
RASC Host and Influencer extraordinaire. Communications has seen an uplift too, with
The RASC Bulletin appearing in members’ inboxes monthly along with a frequent push of
“What’s happing at the RASC,” highlighting upcoming astronomical events, virtual sessions,
and local RASC Centres’ events from across the country. While the RASC Board of Directors
provide governance and direction for the Society, the development and delivery of programs and
other tangibles related to our mandate and strategic objectives is the work of our committees,
our staff, and our working groups. Changes in technology, delivery methodology, and our role in
addressing pressing social challenges helps us refine our objectives at the committee, staff, and
working-group level. Here’s an update relative to these: Our Observing Committee offers
programming that develops the knowledge and skills for first-time observers through to
advanced amateurs and professionals; Astroimaging helps visual observers obtain the
techniques and rigour to hone imaging skills; Robotic Telescope brings state-of-the-art
image capture; Education and Public Outreach brings astronomy to the masses;
Publications provides current and topical content;
Light-Pollution Abatement supports and sponsors stewardship of the nocturnal environment;
Inclusivity and Diversity ensures that our Society encompasses and welcomes everyone;
Generation provides for the needs of our youth and young-adult demographic;
IT ensures we have the right tools and platforms;
and History ensures that we stand on the shoulders of our past leaders and contributors.
Our Society Office, led by Dr. Philip Groff, our Executive Director, spearheads
Marketing, Communication, Fund Raising, Youth Programming, and Administration,
offering these Services to all Centres and Committees and ensuring consistent
Branding and Messaging across all disciplines and target audiences.
Many thanks to go out to our committees, to our staff, and to our volunteers who
to embrace change and find new and creative ways for our Society to realize its vision and mission.
To our readers, please feel free to engage and share with us your ideas as to how
we might better deliver our values in these challenging times.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020 - 4:35pm