President's Corner

President’s Corner

by James Edgar, Regina Centre (

As I form these words (can we call it “writing,” if it’s done on a computer?), I reflect that only a few short weeks remain in my 2nd term as President. It has been a great two years, and we have accomplished much. Our Society is on a good footing to progress on into the future, with strong leadership on the Board of Directors and at the Society Office. There’s much for me to do, so I won’t be fading into the background—just changing directions, again.

While we consider where we in the RASC are heading, take some time to look back on our past. We are nearing 2018, a year-long celebration of our beginnings—a 150th anniversary of the roots of the RASC in the Toronto Astronomical Club in 1868, which quickly became the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto. You would do well to set some time aside for our rich written history, Looking Up by Peter Broughton FRASC. If you can’t get a printed copy, it’s available at or as a DJVU file. 

Included in Looking Up is a narrative of our several National Offices, from the beginnings in 1893 on McGill Street to our present location at 4920 Dundas Street West. On the Encyclopedia Urania site, I count 10 addresses, but we have just moved down the hall on April 1 and kept the same address, which makes 11. How cool is that? The new digs give us much more room, opportunities for growth, and some degree of privacy, when needed. Whenever your travels find you in Toronto, drop by for a visit. The staff there always enjoy meeting our members in person.

There is much talk both for and against the notion of human-caused climate change and the implications of it, but I can tell you this for certain, there is more moisture in the atmosphere than ever before. When was the last time you actually got to see the sky? Night or day? I despair of these dreary days, with clouds, clouds, clouds. Not to worry, though, as warmer weather abounds, we look forward to getting the scope out of storage, dusting off the mirror, and doing some real astronomy. Yes!

Let’s cheer on the Clear skies!


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