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Recent JRASC Issues (Institutional Subscribers)

Download info:

  • RASC Members: you cannot download from this page. Please download from here instead.
  • JRASC issues older than one year are publicly available to everyone from here.

Information for Institutional Subscribers

Institutional subscribers may download recent issues of the Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada from this page. In order to access these issues you must be on-campus (or use a web-proxy server) and your campus must have a designated IP address associated with your institutional subscription. To update the IP addresses associated with an institutional subscription, please have the designated primary contact or subscription agent for the subscription email a request to mempub@rasc.ca.

If you cannot access the Journal and believe you should be able to then please contact us so we can resolve your issue. RASC members must use this page to access the Journal.

The Journal is produced in two versions:

  • high-resolution for readers with broadband Internet connections; and
  • low-resolution for readers with low-bandwidth Internet connections

Both versions are complete in every respect and contain the same text and graphics. See the above for the download links.

For issues older than one year, which are publicly accessible, see our Back Issues page.

Regarding Missing Issues- Institutional Subscribers & Agents:

Payment for print subscriptions to the RASC Journal for the 2019 year is due Dec 31 2018. We are not responsible for missing issues claims that are the result of late payments. Thank you for your consideration. Please contact us should you require any further information.

Missing Issues Cost:

Canadian/US copies: $20 + 5.05 shipping/handling
International copies: $20 + $21 shipping/handling

Print Issue Claims

To claim a missing print issue, Claims cannot be made within 30 days of the issue mail date; Customers in the US or Canada should make their claim for any missing issue(s) within 90 days of the mail date; and customers outside of the US or Canada should make their claim for any missing issue(s) within 180 days of the mail date. Please note that all claims are subject to a shipping/handling fee in cases where we are able to fulfill the request.


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