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Giddy Up Pegasus

Other than the familiar circle, a square is one of the easiest shapes to recognize. After all, it consists of four equal length sides with its corner measuring perfect 90-degree angles. If I were to ask you to point out a nonagon in the night sky, not knowing it is a nine-sided polygon with 140 degree inside angles, you would never find it. However, you would have better luck with the common square.

It is that time again - 2011 Observer's Calendars are now in stock and ready to ship! For more info and ordering info is here.

The 2011 Handbook should be shipping mid to late October, pre-orders are now accepting.

Funding available to support science and/or technology internships! Opportunity to invest in future of natural resources sector

(Ottawa, Ontario) – Now is your chance to gain exposure to bright young science and technology grads, while ensuring the future health of the natural resources sector – all while benefiting from internship funding support.  It’s all part of the Canadian Association of Science Centres (CASC) Science Interns Outreach Project* and runs until March 2011. The program provides an opportunity to recent graduates in science or engineering to gain meaningful work experience within their field of studies.

Many of us would like to do our little part for the Centre/Society or the hobby in general but where do we find the time??? Or we don't want to feel obligated to commit to a year term (or 2 years!!! or implied... indefinitely if no one else puts their hand up?)... try out the latest I heard while driving to a customer site and listening to Spark on CBC (  - select September 10th and scroll down to the article "Micro-volunteering").

Dr. Doug Welch, a member of the Hamilton Centre and astronomy professor at McMaster University, has been awarded the McNeil Medal by the Royal Society of Canada.

The GLP Committee has created a one-page PDF called

You can get it on the Education/Other Resources/Green Laser Pointer Usage site

Click on the link on the right side panel to obtain the poster. Download and print some for distribution to your friends and observers at star parties or public outreach events.

Roland Deschene with support from MAP, Education, Outreach, National Executive Director Deborah, as well as our new President Mary Lou have collaborated on outreach pamphlets for the lunar event.

In the final edits for our first Lunar International event are near completion. This is an initial project and the documents will continue to develop over time with feedback from other Centres and based on feedback from our outreach events.

It's high summer, the season of star parties, and the chance to show the public the Summer Triangle brightly set in the Milky Way, the radiants of outstanding meteor displays, and brilliant planetary conjunctions with your GLPs. With a little care we can all insure that the public remembers the celestial sights, and not GLP operator ineptitude leading to memorable but unplanned law enforcement interventions at star parties.

RASC members... Ever wondered how you can get more out of the Society? Have you considered supporting one of the many committees that help keep our Society operational, refreshing, and sustainable?

The 2010 GA Organizing Committee from the New Brunswick Centre would like to thank everyone who was able to attend the GA and festivities. The tours had positive feedback and speakers provided a wealth of information.

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