GA 1968 Audio #3

Audio recordings of the 1968 General Assembly in Calgary.

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GA 1968 Audio #2

Audio recordings of the 1968 General Assembly in Calgary.

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RASC Podcast 2018

A new episode will be released monthly throughout 2018.

The hosts of the RASC 2018 podcasts are Heather Laird (Director, RASC), and R.A. Rosenfeld (RASC Archivist).


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Leo Enright 19891020

Leo Enright's introduction to Clyde Tombaugh's lecture in Kingston on 1989 October 20.

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GA 1971 Audio

Audio recordings from the 1971 General Assembly hosted by the Hamilton and Niagara Centres.  The paper session, COCOCA report (and following discussion), and annual meeting were recorded.

Many Society members can be heard: Peter Broughton, Ken Chilton, Ralph Chou, Cyril Clark, David Dodge, Bob Doran, Doug Gies, Norman Green, Lloyd Higgs, David Hurd, Jack Locke, Richard McWatters, Dora Russell, Ernie Seaquist, Henri Simard, Peter Tattersall, G.A. Thede, Bob Winder, Robert J. Wood.

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Helen Hogg on TVO

Audio recordings of Helen Hogg's appearances on TV Ontario, circa 1970.  Courtesy Randy Attwood.

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Helen Hogg 1976

CFRB 1010 program "LET'S DISCUSS IT"

GUEST: Dr. Helen S. Hogg, Astronomer


  • Gordon Sinclair
  • Torben Wittrup
  • Betty Kennedy

MODERATOR: Arthur Cole

AIRED: 18 JULY, 1976

Will the Viking probe, now preparing to land on Mars, establish the possibility of life on that planet?
Ladies and gentlemen, let's discuss it.

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GA 1961 Audio

Audio from the 1961 General Assembly in Toronto. Dr. A.E. Douglas gives the Andrew McKellar Memorial Lecture, Molecular Spectra in Astronomy and in the Laboratory. (JRASC, 55, 101)

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GA 1965 Audio

Dr. C.S. Beals speaks on "Craters on the Earth and Moon" at the 1965 General Assembly in Toronto. Published in JRASC, Oct. 1965.


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GA 1983 Audio

English translation of a banquet talk given by Dr. Hubert Reeves (1983 May 21) on "The Arrow of Time in Astronomy."

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