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GA 1968 Audio

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Audio recordings of the 1968 General Assembly in Calgary.

Note (2015 Feb 11): The tapes reels have been stored at the RASC's national office for the decades since they were recorded.  Most of the tapes were digitized by Walter MacDonald using a 1960s vintage Sony player (3¾ and 7½ IPS).  The PZT and Banquet tapes (1 7/8 and 15/16 IPS) were digitized by Mike Earl using a Cipher I player.  Some digital enhancement was done as needed to improve the sound quality. —WM

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Call to Order (MP3, 04:49) - J.E. Kennedy3.56 MB
Welcome (MP3, 06:33) - J.L. Locke4.51 MB
The Chase of UFO's, Part 1 (MP3, 38:03) - Dr. William Markowitz27.54 MB
The Chase of UFO's, Part 2 (MP3, 21:25)15.12 MB
Thanks to Dr. Markowitz - Dr. Jack Locke (MP3, 02:55)2.2 MB
Officer Introductions (MP3, 03:33) - J.E. Kennedy2.71 MB
Introduction to Service Awards (MP3, 00:45) - J.E. Keenedy579.84 KB
Darby Coates Citation (MP3, 02:26) - Norman Green1.82 MB
Herbert Fox Citation (MP3, 01:36) - Norman Green1.2 MB
George Ball Citation (MP3, 01:45) - Norman Green1.32 MB
Roll Call by Centre (MP3, 03:32) - J.E. Kennedy2.61 MB
Regrets (MP3, 01:26) - J.E. Kennedy1.09 MB
Announcements (MP3, 07:11) - K.B. Meiklejohn5.13 MB
Close of Session (MP3, 02:29)1.88 MB
Calgary's Trailer Mounted Telescope (MP3, 07:03) - M. Bandmann5 MB
Amateur Meteor Observing in Ottawa (MP3, 11:50) - Les MacDonald8.22 MB
Colour Estimates of Mars (MP3, 19:09) - Archie Ostrander13.77 MB
Optical Projection... (MP3, 04:00) - D.H. Fallows2.84 MB
Spectrum of Nova Vulpeculae (MP3, 15:50) - J.H. Heard10.32 MB
Periods of Eclipsing Variables (MP3, 13:32) - Raymond Thompson10.2 MB
A Spectrographic Supersynthesis Radio Telescope (MP3, 19:44)13.87 MB
Predicted Occultations for Amateurs (MP3, 11:14)8.02 MB
Graze Occultation Expedition and Results (MP3, 29:17)21.19 MB
An Amateurs Solar Spectrograph (MP3, 08:43) - Rick Salmon6.37 MB
PEP in Downtown Toronto (MP3, 16:06) - John Percy11.63 MB
Pulsating Radio Sources (MP3, 20:32) - J.L. Locke14.93 MB
Announcements (MP3, 02:25) - K.B. Meiklejohn1.73 MB
Testing (MP3, 00:19)261.4 KB
PZT Opening - Dr. J.L. Locke (MP3, 11:41)10.7 MB
PZT Opening - Dr. J.E. Kennedy (MP3, 03:17)3.01 MB
PZT Opening - Capt. J.M. McDowell (MP3, 05:02)4.61 MB
PZT Opening - Dr. R. Glenn Hall (MP3, 11:50)10.84 MB
PZT Opening - Dr. Alan Hunter (MP3, 05:34)5.1 MB
PZT Opening - Dr. John H. Hodgson (MP3, 07:05)6.49 MB
PZT Opening - Ribbon Cutting (MP3, 01:45)1.6 MB
PZT Opening - Final Remarks (MP3, 01:16)1.16 MB
RASC_Banquet_1968-01 (MP3, 03:30)3.21 MB
RASC_Banquet_1968-02 (MP3, 03:34)3.27 MB
RASC_Banquet_1968-03 (MP3, 04:32)4.16 MB
RASC_Banquet_1968-04 (MP3, 01:22)1.24 MB
RASC_Banquet_1968-05 (MP3, 03:56)3.6 MB
RASC_Banquet_1968-06 (MP3, 18:17)16.75 MB
RASC_Banquet_1968-07 (MP3, 06:35)6.02 MB
RASC_Banquet_1968-08 (MP3, 01:44)1.58 MB
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