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GA 1971 Audio

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Audio recordings from the 1971 General Assembly hosted by the Hamilton and Niagara Centres.  The paper session, COCOCA report (and following discussion), and annual meeting were recorded.

Many Society members can be heard: Peter Broughton, Ken Chilton, Ralph Chou, Cyril Clark, David Dodge, Bob Doran, Doug Gies, Norman Green, Lloyd Higgs, David Hurd, Jack Locke, Richard McWatters, Dora Russell, Ernie Seaquist, Henri Simard, Peter Tattersall, G.A. Thede, Bob Winder, Robert J. Wood.

GA1971-01 Paper Session Opening (MP3, 00:30)414.2 KB
GA1971-02 Paper Session Intro (MP3, 02:46)2.21 MB
GA1971-03 Isophotal Contours (MP3, 21:33)14.86 MB
GA1971-04 Paper Session Changes (MP3, 01:24)1.06 MB
GA1971-05 Occultation Experiences (MP3, 22:47)15.81 MB
GA1971-06 Comet Abe (MP3, 19:36)13.92 MB
GA1971-07 Measuring Shadow Bands (MP3, 20:33)13.35 MB
GA1971-08 Electrical Meteor Watch (MP3, 10:17)7.32 MB
GA1971-09 Shoe-string Star Gazers (MP3, 13:59)9.79 MB
GA1971-10 Ottawa Centre Observatory (MP3, 12:46)8.22 MB
GA1971-11 Paper Session Close (MP3, 00:50)654.35 KB
GA1971-12 COCOCA Report (MP3, 07:06)5.03 MB
GA1971-13 COCOCA Discussion (MP3, 32:27)23.13 MB
GA1971-14 Annual Meeting Setup (MP3, 01:07)821.21 KB
GA1971-15 Approval of Minutes (MP3, 01:25)1.11 MB
GA1971-16 President's Report (MP3, 02:59)2.32 MB
GA1971-17 Secretary's Report (MP3, 01:48)1.22 MB
GA1971-18 Treasurer's Report (MP3, 03:10)2.25 MB
GA1971-19 Librarian's Report (MP3, 05:23)3.86 MB
GA1971-20 Centre Reports (MP3, 20:05)13.9 MB
GA1971-21 Election of Officers (MP3, 14:42)10.1 MB
GA1971-22 Thanks to Altman, Green (MP3, 02:21)1.66 MB
GA1971-23 Awards Introduction (MP3, 01:00)773.37 KB
GA1971-24 Scatliff Service Award Citation (MP3, 02:08)1.46 MB
GA1971-25 Meiklejohn Service Award Citation (MP3, 02:32)1.78 MB
GA1971-26 Awards Closing (MP3, 00:59)748.88 KB
GA1971-27 CASCA Motion (MP3, 02:14)1.58 MB
GA1971-28 Future of JRASC (MP3, 02:41)1.91 MB
GA1971-29 Closing Items (MP3, 04:38)3.35 MB
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