Stellafane 1948

Stellafane, August 1948. Mr. A.V. Whipple's prize-winning telescope. F. de Kinder, the two judges, Mr. & Mrs. Whipple.

Sent by Louie Bernstein, Montreal Centre.

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SAQ Memoire


sur les origines et l'oeuvre de
affiliée à la


Ce mémoire a été présenté à l'Honourable M. Perrier, Secrétaire de al Province, dans le but d'obtenir l'aide du gouvernement en faveur du mouvement scientifique créé par la SOCIÉTÉ ASTRONOMIQUE DE QUÉBEC.

Préparé le 5 septembre 1942.
Revisé le 17 novembre 1942.

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Peerless Planetarium

The history of the modern planetarium in Canada goes back farther than we may be aware.

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McMaster Planetarium Opening

On 5 November 1949 the original planetarium at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario was publicly opened for the first time.  Armand Spitz, whose Spitz Laboratories had supplied the Model A-1 projection system, was a guest at the opening and spoke about 'The Value of Astronomy to the Layman.' Members of the Hamilton, Guelph and Toronto RASC centres, as well as the national RASC president Andrew Thomson, were also present. At the time, the dome above the projector was only a parachute hung from the ceiling, but the system was improved many times over the following years.

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RASC-AAVSO Joint Dinner

Spring 1940 was the first occasion the American Association of Variable Star Observers held their meetings outside of the United States. The meetings were held at the University of Toronto, and included a paper session at the David Dunlap Observatory and a garden party (by special invitation) at Don Alda Farm hosted by Mrs. Dunlap. The meetings concluded with a formal dinner in the Great Hall of Hart House jointly hosted by the AAVSO and the RASC.

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Copernicus 400th

400th Anniversary Copernicus Event

On April 26th, 1943 the University of Toronto sponsored a Convocation Hall event to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the death of Nikolas Copernicus, the discoverer of the heliocentric model of the solar system. The event was supportive of Toronto's Polish community in the darkest days of the Second World War. Members of the RASC were encouraged to attend, and Prof. Chant participated in the event.

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P. Millman, 1946

Peter M. Millman, RCAF Squadron Leader. 1946 January 9.

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Sky Facts #3

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Sky Facts #2

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At-Home Invitation

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